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Eating For Life is a book by Bill Phillips, a fitness celebrity and author of Body For Life. He is the founder of EAS, and a recognized expert in the field of fitness and nutrition. Eating For Life is a diet plan that works on the principle of nourishing the body. It is ultimately a weight loss plan, however it is also a plan for eating healthy for life. In this plan, the consumer eats 6 small meals per day. Eating For Life shows the consumer how to control portions, eat a balanced diet and feel full, all while losing weight. The plan is based on 6 days of the plan with day 7 of the week off as a free day. This is a low fat diet, and is comprised of 40-50% of lean protein, and 40-50% carbohydrates.


Not applicable. Consumers should read Eating For Life by Bill Phillips.

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Eating For Life is a nutritional plan for weight loss and healthy living. This plan was developed to teach consumers how to eat better foods, when to eat them and how much to eat at one sitting. It is not a quick weight loss plan, it is a plan for nutrition. Consumers are on the plan for 6 days a week, and day 7 is considered a free day. This is to ensure that the consumer does not feel deprived. The book contains 240 pages of healthy recipes to help the consumer make healthy food choices. To build a meal, the foods are divided into food groups: Protein, Carbohydrates, Vegetables, Essential Fats and water. Protein sources include lean meats, fish, egg whites, low-fat cottage cheese, or wild game meat. Carbohydrates sources include baked potato, yams, pasta, yogurt, and high-fiber cereal. Vegetables include broccoli, asparagus, peas, green beans, tomato and cucumbers. Essential Fats include avocado, natural peanut butter, low sodium nuts, olives and olive oil. The plan also list fats to avoid, such as butter, fried foods, mayonnaise, and sweets.

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  • Eating For Life is a plan for healthy eating, not just weight loss.
  • Eating For Life encourages resistance and cardiovascular exercise.


  • Eating For Life is not a fast weight loss plan.
  • Eating for Life will require the consumer to plan meals ahead.


Eating For Life was developed by Bill Phillips, the creator of Body For Life. This plan is a healthy eating plan, not a fast weight loss diet. The plan requires 6 small meals a day, so the consumer may have to plan ahead and pack meals if they are going to be away from home or at work throughout the day. The Eating For Life books contains 240 pages of recipes for healthy eating. The Eating For Life plan is designed to keep the body nourished and can be maintained after the consumer has reached a healthy weight.

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