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Also known as the Hawaii Diet, Eat More Weigh Less is a book authored by Hawaiian native Terry Shinitani, a nutritionist who first gained fame when he was featured on NBC’s Dateline for helping one patient successful lose (and keep) weight. Originally written in 1993, Shinitani still claims his diet is still very adaptable and easy to learn, marketed as a revolutionary way to lose weight. As the title suggests, dieters will eat more with this diet, but the type of foods allowed on the diet are modified to meet certain dietary needs. High fiber and vegetarian-friendly foods are a staple of the diet, which is why many experts claim his diet is a dressed-up vegetarian diet.

Eat More Weigh Less’s 14-day meal plan and informational book is available in various bookstores from $9.99 to $4.95, and his book still contains the same information made first available in 1993. The book may look outdated, but many claim the information still holds true — and works.


Shinitani instructs dieters to eat no more than 10% fat for your total caloric amount; the most must be taken from vegetarian-friendly and fiber-rich sources.

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Eat More Weigh Less emphasizes that dieters can eat more food if they follow his strict vegetarian diet plan, which includes an example two-week diet plan, recipes, and tips for staying dedicated to the plan. Keeping with the plan is a challenge, since it is very limited and only includes mostly vegetarian-friendly foods, such as vegetables and whole grains. As a result, this diet is safe for diabetics and those who need to lower their cardiovascular disease risk — the diet is naturally low in fat and sugar. While the low fat content and diabetic-friendly food content is a plus, what is not a plus is the severe limitations it has on dieters. It will require great attention to stick with this diet.

It is impossible to say if this diet will ensure quick weight loss however, but numerous testimonials do state they have lost weight. None have stated the type of weight loss claimed by Shinitani — he claims dieters can lose between 50 to 100lbs — but it is significant enough to be reported.

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  • Is safe for diabetics.
  • Contains food that is naturally low in sugar and fat content.


  • Most experts say it is a glorified vegetarian diet.
  • Most food is off-limits and requires a lot of time and dedication to complete.
  • Dieters do not report losing as much weight as claimed by Shinitani.


Eat More Weigh Less may claim you can eat more, but the variety of food is severely limited, making it very unappealing to most dieters. The food recommended is low in calories and fat however, and may be nutritionally sound – it just will not be the easiest diet to complete.

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