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Eat Right Every Time Guide is a condensed version of the popular diet book Abs Diet: The Six Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life, written by David Zinczenko, editor-in-chef for Men’s Health. The guide is designed to be used as a quick reference for those that do not have the time to learn specific diet methods described in Abs Diet, and Zinczenko has written a smaller guide that quickly details exercises and foods that need to be used in order to complete Abs Diet. Packaged along with over 700 food choices and a grocery list are quick workout guides which fully illustrate how to perform each exercise, along with the effectiveness of each workout set. As the original diet suggests, this claims to help men cut fat and gain six pack abs in six weeks or less.

Their guide may not be as popular as their original book, but the convenience of their guide appears to be a hit with most men — many have posted positive testimonials about their guide. Eat Right Every Time Guide is currently sold online and in bookstores for $7.99, and an online version of their book can also be purchased. Zinczenko promises the same results can be achieved from either book, and his credibility as Men’s Health leading editor has certainly gained the interest of many dieters, including some health experts and magazine publications.


Power foods, such as lean proteins, organic vegetables, and whole grains are recommended, conveniently organized into lists for easy shopping. Simple recipes are also listed, along with quick exercises routines and tips for staying lean and fit.

Product Features

Eat Right Every Time Guide’s main attraction is the simplicity of their lists, organized to help men quickly locate food for use as a convenient shopping list or for quick decision making in a restaurant. Many dieters have stated that these lists are one of their favorite features, aside from the biting commentary offered by Zinczenko. The emphasis on lean proteins, whole grains, and organic vegetables is also another favorite, and may offer potential health benefits — these types of food are often suggested by nutritionists as a healthy diet method. There is no evidence showing it may cut belly flab, however.

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  • Is a condensed version of Abs Diet.
  • Recommends whole grains and organic vegetables to cut down on belly fat.


  • Is marketed towards men.
  • Does not solely promote weight loss — is more focused on creating six pack abs.
  • There is no evidence eating the food provided will cut down on belly fat.


Eat Right Every Time Guide is a convenient guide for men who do not have the time to read the original Abs Diet, but it does not actually promise to help dieters lose weight. Instead, it claims it will help men form six pack abs and cut down on belly fat, and may only have limited purposes.

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