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Eat stop eat is a weight loss program based on an eBook sold online. There are two sections of the website, one for women and one for men. On the women’s side, the testimonials are from women, but there are no other gender related facts about weight loss. The male side of things offers a picture of the writer, Brad Pilon. The wording of the introduction is also different with men being able to build lean muscle while women can protect themselves from muscle loss. There are two different order pages for each gender.

List of Ingredients

eBook weight loss book promoting intermittent fasting.

Product Features

Fasting is promoted heavily in the East stop eat plan. Both the male and female sales pages talk about intermittent fasting. Brad Pilon also suggests that fasting does not harm lean muscle, but he does not offer any clinical data to back up these claims.

There are thousands of words on the Eat stop eat program and none offer any real information on how the plan works. The sales are completed through Clickbank, an affiliate network website, so there are tons of sellers out there trying to market the Eat stop eat plan. We searched for some simple information on the diet and found some interesting blogs from affiliates that explained much of the diet program. So much, in fact, that a dieter could follow the plan without buying the eBook.

Eat stop eat is based on eating vegetables, drinking smoothies, and fasting. There are probably more foods in there for buyers. Fasting starts after dinner and lasts until dinner the following day. That is 24 hours with no food, but Brad claims there is no negative effect on weight loss.

We also found it interesting that the Eat stop eat diet claims to save people money in the food budget. Well, that could be because the dieter is not eating at least 48 hours of the week (there are at least two fasting days a week.)

Eat stop eat sells for $39.95 or $57 depending on whether the dieter wants to order the deluxe pack with extra eBooks. Men have the option of buying a program with an audio book, women do not.

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  • None.


  • Fasting is not a healthy way to lose weight.
  • Men are offered audio books and women are not.
  • The cost for the Eat stop eat eBook is more than other eBooks.
  • The author has no clinical information to back up weight loss claims.


Eat stop eat is another weight loss eBook that tricks consumers into buying the book and learning nothing more than fasting and eating right. Exercise is also mentioned from affiliate sellers. Anyone who eats more vegetables, fasts for two days a week, and exercises will lose weight without a $40 eBook.

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