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Eat Weight Off is a diet e-book written by Dr. Isaac Boules, a doctor who claims that the key to weight loss is by utilizing Chinese cooking methods and a “Chinese rejuvenation soup”, which he says can help dieters lose up to 20lbs per month. Sold exclusively on his website Eat Weight Off, he claims to hold the secret to weight loss diet companies don’t want to reveal, and all of the secrets can be accessed through his book, provided you pay the fee to retrieve the book. He also says the program is safe for diabetics, the overweight, and people with any heart issues.

Though he does not claim his diet is a crash diet, it markets itself as a crash diet alternative, and his diet sound very similar to other crash diets. He guarantees complete safety through use of the program, but he does not offer much information about the program itself — dieters will need to purchase the book to access the full details. Boules’s Eat Weight Off e-book is available on his website for $39.95, which also includes a bonus e-book called 100 Habits of Quick Weight Losers. Additional food must also be purchased, which is detailed in his book.


Dieters will need to gather food ingredients similar to The Cabbage Soup Diet, including cabbage, spices, and tomatoes.

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Eat Weight Off claims dieters can eat their favorite food — even chomping on desserts twice daily — without any guilt, provided they also consume the “miracle soup” detailed in his book. He claims this soup is the key to fat loss and helps dieters lose weight rapidly and safely. The description of his soup sounds nearly identical to the soup used in the The Cabbage Soup Diet, a fad diet where dieters only sip a low caloric cabbage soup to lose weight. Both diets are considered extremely dangerous by health and medical associations because both diets are extremely low in calories and may result in heart problems, dizziness, and stomach issues. The lack of information provided by Boules also contributes to this issue. Without knowing further information about the diet itself, it is hard to say if it will help dieters lose weight safely.

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  • Can be read immediately online.
  • Is claimed to be safe for diabetics and the overweight.


  • He does not provide any evidence about why his findings help dieters lose exorbitant amounts of weight.
  • Is expensive and only available in online format.
  • May be based off the dangerous Cabbage Soup Diet.


Eat Weight Off claims to help dieters drop the weight while enjoying their favorite foods, but legitimate evidence is clearly lacking from Boules’s book. There is some evidence that it may be based off the Cabbage Soup Diet also, a dangerous diet with serious health consequences.

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  • 1

    It’s a scam…all diets are a scam. I have lost 40kg in less then a year by eating whatever I want, half portions…and doing cardio and light weights for 1 1/2 hours a day 7 days a week. That’s the secret. I’m shedding the weight like butter. It just takes hard work. I went from 110kg to 68kg!! My goal is 60. I made a commitment to myself, and I don’t sacrifice chocolate or cookies either.


  • 2

    HUGE ripoff. They say they have a 100% no question money back guarantee yet when you want it they say there is a computer glitch. If you pursue they just ignore your emails


  • 3

    guys any one everyone please send me the book im 210ln n only 17! i constantly work out n eat small portions but i have lost only 10 lb in 6 months!! i, going insane please help send to my eamail the book, links, anything to help me, to


  • 4

    Hi guys can you please email me please


  • 5

    hi rachel. can you send it to my email pls? abejeronica@yahoo.con



    Please send me the book


  • 6

    I’d like to get the as well, if you dont mind, Rachel. I am 100kgs, and I just turned 13, so I am REALLY overweight. Plese…? My email is


  • 7

    can you send to me too pls! love


  • 8

    Will someone email me the book too please im will to send like 15 dollars to u if u do


  • 9

    Complete scam got this and it didn’t work for me. Asked for my money back and they said their computers were down. The man was very rude when replying to my emails and my money was never refunded don’t buy this. I still have it and will email it to anyone who wants it.



    Hi Rachel, Can you please email the book to me? I have tried all the possible ways of losing weight, but no result.




    Please email this to me



    Hi, Rachel. I’ve lost almost 90 pounds so far, but now i’m stuck. Please email it to me…I need all the help I can get. Thanks in advance! :)



    Can you send it to me please?



    Please email to me.



    hey rachel
    can you please send me the diet so i can try it. email is
    thank you


    Jade Mcqueen

    Hi, how are you can you e-mail me the book please , thank you .



    Please email me the book Rachel! Thank you in advance.



    Hi Rachel! I’m sorry that this didn’t work for you. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind emailing me a copy of the book, I’d like to check it out. If you need any tips on weight loss, I have some tricks and advice that I could share with you. I used to weigh 235ish pounds, and lost 125 of it. I have some experience and success in the matter. Thanks~G



    could you also email me to on how you lost your weight?? I am very interested to know



    Rachel can you send me the book please! I really need to lose ALOT of weight! :(


  • 10

    can you plsss.. send it to me too ? :) i badly need it


  • 11

    is the weight loss permanent?


  • 12

    Iam 15 and 40 pounds overweight and I have been teased all of my life and I found an amazing bikni that I wish to get into in the next month. I am thinking about buying this diet please help me I don’t wanna be picked on anymore…


  • 13

    It was a load of crap, i’m in the process on trying to get my money back


  • 14

    does it really work and is it worth the money?


  • 15

    I viewed a chinese woman showing people how to make a similiar soup on You Tube. Is this the same soup? I went as far as to put my CC # in and then I decided to search scam possiblities. I wrote that receipe down for FREE. Surely there is a book at the store that goes over chiese ideas and weight loss that is less then $40-50.00.


  • 16

    I bought this system, and I lost a little weight, but not as much as they claim. I was disappointed that the main diets were basically the GM diet and the 3 day diet that you can find for free. They told me to eat nothing but mung beans for a week, which a nutritionist I talked to said not to do, for obvious reasons. I requested to get my money back, and they said they would but never did. Now they just ignore my emails.



    This is crazy because I was planning to buy this system! Now I have second thoughts about this. Did you buy both the plan A&B?



    well u shouldnt have second thoughts because i lost 16 pounds in the first 7 days on the 7 day diet i am so glad i got it i got the a &b diet



    did you see the results on your body when you looked in the mirror or did you just see it on your scale please tell me??? and could you by any chance email the book to me????


    I want to know the answer too, did you see result in the body or on the scale?


    hey can you send me the book or tell me what you did for the seven day diet and answer the question on results for body or scale?


    Yes, I bought the plan A & B, which was $49.95



    tanesha can you email the diet to me cuz i want to try it!!!


    Julie ,tian a tanesha could one of you please email me this book if it’s possible ?


    hey guys do u have to buy the food 2 off their web site? chevita josh did they email it to u??


    plssssss send me the book or the diet, I damn need it to lose a lot of weight . I tried thousands ways but nothing worked and actually, this is freaking me out , so pllllls send it 2 me

  • 17

    If we do follow the diet system as per the book, how fast can we loose weight? Is it possible to loose 5 kilos a week?


  • 18

    I want to loose weight but can’t do excercise any more can I be able to loose weight


  • 19

    I am very skeptical about this product. This is the first review page that I have found which is not selling the product. The sellers are using tricky links to direct you to their website. They lure you with titles like “Warning-We tried Eat Weight Off and here is what we found”. When you click on the link it takes you to the Eat Weight Off website. If they are using these types of tricks to get you to their website, then the product is probably also a scam.


  • 20
    Tahera Ali

    Does this really work on teenagers. I am 16 and my hieght is 5″2 and i weigh like 160.How much will i lose? Is it only the soup that is actually going to make me lose my weight? I once purchased from acai berry and gave me a free trial but then kept charging my card, will you do the same?And lastly do you have the 60 day money back quarantee and after i get my dream weight and stop usin the soup will i gain back my weight. Thank you



    it is a book filled with every scam diet I have ever heard of in my 34 years. cabbage soup, fasting, its all crap. and trying to get the 60 day money back is like pulling teeth. ive been given every bullsh*t excuse you can think of. Im not getting my money back. dont make the same mistake~DO NOT ORDER THIS!!!