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Eat Yourself Thin is a series of low-carb cookbooks written by Nancy Moshier, a low-carb dieter and registered nurse who lost over 130lbs by creating low-carb meals based off The Atkins Diet. Moshier originally created the recipes after becoming disappointed with the options listed in The Atkins Diet, and decided to create more delicious versions to help satiate her appetite. Three years later she created Eat Yourself Thin, a cookbook full of recipes she created as alternatives to Atkins Diet recipes. Her books are extremely popular with low-carb dieters, although they are not always favored because of the dependency on artificial ingredients.

Low-carb dieting is a huge business and low-carb cookbooks are only one aspect of dieting. Moshier offers a more delicious approach to dieters who simply do not like the taste of most low-carb diets, and she claims her recipes are delicious, easy to make, and meet all the requirements of a low carb diet. Several experts agree with her as well, including Di Bauer, editor for


Mixes and preservatives are utilized in her recipes for low-carb cooking.

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Moshier’s recipes are based from experimental cooking methods used while she was dieting, listed in a simple, easy to follow format. Desserts, entrees, and snacks are only a small part of her book, and there are numerous options available for dieters to create. All of the ingredients used can also be easily purchased at any grocery store, but there is some concern with the type of ingredients used. Sweeteners and mixes, which are laden with artificial chemicals, are a huge component of most of her recipes, and organic cooking is not promoted. This seems to be an issue with some dieters, and some may be allergic to the ingredients used in her recipes. Otherwise it is a different alternative to Atkins Diet recipes, and is affordable enough for experimentation.

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  • Created as a low-carb cookbook alternative for those on the Atkins Diet.
  • Recipes are simple and only utilize basic ingredients.


  • Most of the ingredients are not all-natural or organically based.
  • Utilizes ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.
  • She seems to be focused on low carbohydrate amounts instead of low caloric amounts, which may be a better way of losing weight.


Eat Yourself Thin markets itself as a delicious alternative to Atkins Diet recipes, and according to testimonials posted on similar sites, this is claimed to be the case. The easy to follow recipes are also another advantage of her cookbooks. The use artificial ingredients is a huge disadvantage, however, and may not include enough nutritional benefits to fuel a healthy diet.

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    11 years ago I used Eat Yourself Thin as the inspiration and guidebook for losing 177 pounds in a year. I kept the weight off for 6 years then quit smoking and had other life changing events and debilitating arthritis take over. I am now back to my original 365 lbs and need to have knee surgery very badly but have to lose weight first.
    Long story short the change in diet and lifestyle worked the first time but has not 4 months into it this time.
    By the way the artificial and other bothersome foods and additives were simply substituted for things I was comfortable eating.