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Eat2Slim is a dietary supplement that claims consumers can eat their favorite foods and still lose weight due to their synergistic blend of ingredients, which supposedly bind to fat and prevent its absorption. According to a study conducted by their company, dieters lost around 7lbs per week by simply taking the supplement while enjoying their favorite foods — including cake and cookies. While the evidence may be hard to believe, Eat2Slim stands by its product and claims it is a legitimate weight loss supplement.

Unfortunately for consumers, whatever popularity Eat2Slim gained in previous years appears to have disappeared; currently only one online store sells the actual product. It appears to be a UK-based company that sells the product exclusively to Europeans for about £17.95 (roughly $26.73 in U.S. currency), thus limiting further availability to U.S. consumers. This may not be the only problem — Eat2Slim also has not published an ingredient list or has revealed what ingredients are included in their product. Is it possible Eat2Slim contains any benefits? Possibly, but a lack of reputable testimonial support and an absent ingredient list won’t win the support of dieters.


Eat2Slim does not indicate what ingredients were used to create the product.

Product Features

Eat2Slim has not revealed what ingredients are utilized in its formula, but it is said to be a fat blocker. Fat blockers typically have not been shown to be effective, due to the lack of thermogenic ingredients and dependency on ineffective ingredients, such as Chitosan. Most fat blockers also claim to block the absorption of fats no matter what food is consumed, which may trick consumers into thinking they can eat a diet riddled with unhealthy food. This is not an effective way to lose weight, and diet is a vital part of weight loss.

Furthermore, a lack of ingredient information is a concern dieters should take into consideration. There may be many reasons why an ingredient list is not included, which may include attempts to conceal issues with the actual ingredients. Not knowing what ingredients are used in a product is extremely dangerous, and dieters are advised to be informed of a product’s ingredient makeup before making any purchase. It is impossible to conclude if Eat2Slim is an effective product, and not revealing this type of information may hurt their product.

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  • Claims dieters can eat any sort of diet while using the supplement.
  • Inexpensive compared to other fat burners.


  • No ingredient information is available, making it impossible to evaluate the product.
  • Appears to be only available in Europe.
  • Fat burners are notorious for being ineffective.


Eat2Slim makes many claims, which include being able to eat junk food without guilt, its miraculous ability to stop the absorption of fats, and claims it may help dieters lose up to 7lbs per week. There is too much information missing to make an objective review of the product itself, however. Dieters are advised to seek out proper dietary and ingredient information prior to any supplement purchase in order to avoid serious complications.

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