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David Wolfe advocates eating a raw food diet. In his book, Eating for Beauty he describes a diet comprised of raw food that will not only help you get healthier and lose weight, but help you to increase your overall beauty. By “beauty” he means nurturing the health and beauty consciousness and making sure we get more joy out of life. When you rejuvenate your body and mind you can find balance between diet and activity to increase health and beauty.

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Wolfe says to eat more raw food from plants. When you eat more raw foods, you alter the pH balance of your body to make it more alkaline, which helps relieve causes of tissue contractions, inflammation, and puffiness. Eating more raw food also helps prevent the intake of free radicals which cause damage to the body and may even lead to cancer. Wolfe states beauty is dependent on minerals, and uses the book to tell you which minerals you need, what they do, and why you need them to increase your health and beauty. For instance, foods with high sulfur content are good choices because sulfur is a major component of collagen, which will help keep the skin firm and elastic, providing a more youthful appearance. What foods are high in sulfur? Garlic, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and cabbage. Certain foods are highlighted because they contain important mineral ingredients to promote overall health and beauty. Recipes featuring foods high in these ingredients are included in the book to help you. Some of the recipes include Hair Building Salad and Grapefruit Cellulite Reduction Cocktail.

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  • This book promotes healthy eating through encouraging the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, and mainly raw living foods..
  • This book does not completely cut out cooked foods or animal products.
  • This book also promotes exercise and yoga.


  • This book does not specifically target weight loss.
  • Though the book features recipes, some of the ingredients are not going to be easy to to find, and may be quite expensive.
  • The meal plans do not provide structure.
  • This plan makes it easy for people to consume too many calories because of the recommendation of many high fat content foods.


Though weight loss can be attained by eating fruits and vegetables and through regular exercise, it is also important for those following this program to closely monitor caloric intake. Many high fat foods, though good fats, are included in the list of recommended foods, so this could easily push the calories over the edge and contribute to weight gain rather than loss.

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