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Eating for Energy is a raw food diet and weight loss program. A certified kinesiologist, wellness coach, and holistic nutritionist by the name of Yuri Elkaim developed the program to help people get in control of their lifestyles so they could be healthy and active again. Before taking a position as the head of nutrition for the Toronto Men’s Soccer team, he was a professional soccer player. He realized that what he ate every day made a direct impact on how he was able to perform and how he felt, so he developed the program to improve his own abilities.

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Eating for Energy is built around the premise that the body only recognizes whole, natural foods. The processed food fragments you find in prepared meals will not fuel your body the same way, leading to a variety of health issues, including lack of energy and fatigue. In order to the get the most life force so you can feel well, you have to eat nutritionally dense foods that provide more energy than they take away, primarily fresh fruits and vegetables. As the author knows it is hard for a lot of people to stick to a completely raw program all the time, he built a buffer in the program to allow certain cooked foods in small amounts. What he really maintains is that you should eat at least an 80% raw diet all the time. Though the majority of the book focuses on nutrition, he also says you should exercise on a regular basis, at least 30 minutes worth of cardiovascular exercise two to four times a week, and at least 30 minutes worth of strength training exercise two to four times a week, with daily stretches.

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  • Eating for Energy promotes eating large amounts of fresh produce.
  • Eating for Energyprovides a meal plan with recipes for a full 12 weeks.


  • The book is only available in e-book form, and at $39.95 is a bit pricey.
  • This could be an expensive undertaking as most of the food needs to be organic produce.
  • This program could be quite time consuming as more time needs to be spent on preparing meals.
  • Some people may have trouble sticking with the program for the long term as it is difficult to follow when eating out or in other social situations.


Eating for Energy is an ideal choice for those who want to improve their diets and lifestyle while losing weight, as well as those who want to focus on eating living foods. It may not be easy to stick to for long, but any time spent on the raw food p[plan will help improve health and weight loss.

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