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Given the amount of diets and weight loss plans we’re currently being bombarded with, it’s no surprise that the “anti-diet” is becoming increasingly popular. These approaches tend to take weight loss back to its roots: rather than emphasizing the number on the scale, they encourage healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes that eventually lead to weight loss and improved health and fitness. One well known “anti-diet” is Eating for Life by Bill Phillips, who is known as a diet and fitness expert, and whose books have sold millions of copies.Phillips is a bodybuilder who practices what he preaches, using a combination of weight training and healthy nutrition in order to get into, and stay in, good shape.

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The program allows users to select from 82 different food options from the five main food categories: vegetables, vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, non vegetable proteins, and fats.

Product Details

Eating for Life is available as a book that retails for around $35. It outlines a detailed 12-week diet and exercise plan that is designed to be both healthy and sustainable while encouraging weight loss enough to keep users motivated enough to continue. Users follow a varied but healthy diet of six small meals per day, and undertake weight training three days a week, and aerobic activity three days a week. On the seventh day, the “rest” days, users are allowed to eat what they like and do no exercise if it suits them. After the 12-week plan, users set new goals and start a new 12-week plan.

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  • Encourages the consumption of healthy foods
  • Is a sustainable approach to dietary change
  • Encourages healthy activity
  • Does not require uses to purchase supplements or diet pills


  • Requires users to stick to a fairly strict dietary and fitness routine
  • The carbohydrate and fat levels allowed in the diet are quite low, which some users may find a challenge


Eating for Life by Ben Phillips is a considered dietary and exercise plan that is designed to help users lose weight and get in shape rather than resorting to quick-fix approaches. The program is broken up into 12-week cycles, allowing users to set reasonable goals to achieve within this time before starting over and setting new goals as appropriate. This is a good approach in that users are unlikely to become discouraged by unrealistic expectations, and due to the fact that 12 weeks is a reasonable time in which to expect some sort of physical change. The program emphasizes healthy eating and exercise, which are together likely to result in weight loss and an increase in overall health. However, some users may find the diet quite rigid and restrictive, and may become discouraged as a result. In addition, the “rest” day may be problematic for some users who otherwise have difficulty following a healthy diet, as users may resort to “binge” eating on these days, consuming large amounts of unhealthy foods.

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    Lisa Jackson

    I would like to try the diet.what kind of nutrition shake and bars should I get ?


  • 2
    chris kimock

    can i use milk instead of water in my nutrition shake