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Eating Free is a weight loss plan focused on eating more and relearning to love you for doing so. According to the official website, people feel better about themselves when they skip meals and eat less. The idea behind healthy weight loss is to eat more and eat the foods you love to eat. There is one statement on the website that we disagree with. “Eating Free means eating what you like, when you like, where you like. “ If that were the case, dieters would never have an issue with weight loss. The problem is not eating food it is eating too much food. There is a fee associated with the Eating Free website, but that fee is not revealed on the official website unless the dieter signs up for service.

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Tips and ideas for Eating Free and losing weight.

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The Eating Free program supports dieters eating the foods they like instead of restricting such foods. This is commonly supported by many diets. As long as dieters eat foods they like in moderation, weight loss is still an option. In most cases, it is not the food selection that causes weight gain it is the portion size and lack of exercise. Dieters eat portions that supply more calories than the body needs and do not exercise to work off the extra calories. Sedentary work and home life contribute to weight gain.

We were surprised to find the pricing information is hidden from dieters until they sign up. The fine print says dieters can choose to cancel the membership at any time for a full refund. The terms of service also states that dieter ideas presented to Eating Free become full property of the company and the user does not gain credit or monetary gain for the idea even if the company chooses to use the idea and present the idea to others. This is a legal way of stealing ideas.

Diets are based on personality and life. Some of the featured diets include Menopausal Midsection, Health Nut and Heavy Hitter. The idea is that everyone has a different story and every diet should match that story.

There are too many questions left unanswered by the literature on the Eating Free website. There should be a detailed explanation given to the dieter before they are asked to purchase a membership.

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  • Dieting advice and personalized diets.


  • No idea how much the program costs.
  • The company takes users ideas and refuses to pay for those ideas.


We have more questions about the Eating Free plan than answers and that is a bad feeling after visiting a site that asks dieters to pay money for access.

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