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Susan Albers, the author of Eating Mindfully: How to End Mindless Eating and Enjoy a Balanced Relationship with Food, is an eating disorder specialist. As such her focus is naturally the relationship of the individual with food. Mindfulness and healing are the focus of her diet plan and she counsels readers to avoid fad diets and food rituals. Albers is a psychologist and is also a public speaker.


Eating Mindfully is not exactly a diet. Instead, it is a book that discusses mindful eating and would be best utilized with other tools such as therapy, meditation, support groups, nutritional counseling, and a personal trainer. There are more than forty-five mindfulness and meditation practices in the book. She has been quoted in numerous national magazines and was recently featured on the Dr. Oz show.


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Eating Mindfully does not focus on specific foods or even weight loss goals. Instead, Albers discusses the four types of eaters and encourages readers to identify their type so they will be able to lose weight by controlling their emotional responses to foods. The four types are the mindless undereater, the chronic mindless dieter, the mindless chaotic eater, and the mindless overeater. There are no diet guidelines but there are guidelines to help people tune into their emotions as they are related to food. In addition to the four types, Albers also provides four eating mindfully foundations. The four foundations are mindfulness of the mind, body, thoughts, and feelings. Eating Mindfully recommends eating something every three hours and three meals a day, as directed by hunger.


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  • This book can easily be found online.
  • Can help dieters unearth the underlying cause of their weight problems.




  • There is no money back guarantee.
  • Exercise guidelines are not given.
  • Very little specific advice on how or what to eat.




This is not the book for someone looking for a specific weight loss plan, or diet, to follow in order to achieve their goals. As mentioned previously the book focuses on a person’s relationship to food rather than a specific eating plan. If one is unaware of their overeating triggers, this book may help them identify those triggers. However, for anyone who wants sound advice on eating and a specific guideline this book would be less helpful. Additionally, while the book encourages people to increase exercise a bit at a time it also cautions that obsessing about exercise can cause further weight problems. The very vagueness on the stance of exercise, as well as how to eat, could be confusing for some dieters. Without concrete examples it could be difficult for many people who are trying to lose weight to follow through with the advice in the book.

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