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Eating on the Run is a diet book written by nutritionist Evelyn Tribole, who offers information about preparing and eating healthfully for those too busy to prepare a traditional meal at home. Her book details strategies for eating at fast food restaurants, how to identify high fat and low fat food combinations, and meals that are quick to complete — some in less than one minute. Tribole emphasize with the busy professional — she is one herself as a former nutritionist for Good Morning America — and says she created this as a helpful guide for staying fit when time may not be available. Convenience is a huge part of successful dieting, and Tribole claims to offer this convenience in her handy guide.

Eating on the Run, which has recently been reprinted, is currently available online for $16.95. No other incentives are offered, but Tribole claims the only incentive needed is being able to manage a hectic lifestyle while staying fit. She may offer some practical advice for achieving a healthy body weight, according to numerous experts.


Eating on the Run is a diet manual for professionals and people who have little time to spare.

Product Features

Eating on the Run includes information about dieting “on the run”, such as making educated choices at fast food restaurants, how to pick healthy frozen dinners, and ways to create healthy meals in mere minutes. Her advice is based on her own experience as a nutritionist, and her years of experience is well documented — she recently served on the nutrition board for Shape and the American Dietetic Association. All of the foods recommended are not all natural however, although they are naturally low in calories and contain many nutrients, which she says is the key to optimal nutrition and a fit body. Her strategies are favored by the general population, and many testimonials state how simple her tips were to follow. It is mainly geared towards dieters who are too busy to cook a regular meal, so its usefulness is a bit limited.

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  • Was created to help professionals eat properly without wasting time creating healthy meals.
  • Offers insight into choosing low calorie choices at fast food restaurants and in the supermarket.


  • Only offers information about how to diet on the run.
  • May not incorporate organic food.
  • Not a useful book for dieters who are not busy and want to make the effort to cook nutritious meals.


Eating on the Run is considered a useful book for many professionals with no time to spare, and many experts have offered their support of her program. It only offers information for eating on the go, however, and general information about dieting is not included.

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