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Eating Well for Optimum Health is a book written by Andrew Weil, MD. Weil is considered one of the most trusted names in weight loss and nutrition. The book details essential foods, nutrition and diet for improved health. Chances are, the doctor talks about weight loss from time to time in the book as well. The book sells for $16.50 on Reviews from readers are quite good, but the negative reviews go into great detail. Much of the book pushes medical theory as fact without research studies or proof to back up Dr. Weil’s claims. This leaves the dieter without reference and, in some cases, the dieters have researched the topic only to find that Dr. Weil’s suggestions are not scientifically founded.

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Physician-based advice for healthy eating.

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Anyone reading a self-help book must understand that theories are just that, theories. Even though Dr. Weil is a doctor, his theories are not always considered proven fact. Various sections in the Eating Well for Optimum Health are questionable. One reader claims there is a section on people who live for years without eating. He gives a personal reference from a person using “bigu” as a means of food avoidance. People using “bigu” can live for years without eating, according to personal accounts. Eating is required for life and no dieter should attempt to stop eating because this process was described in a physician-written book.

Other problems exist with Weil’s book as well. He links butter to heart disease, trans fatty acids and saturated fats, but goes on to state that the Atkins Diet is supported with clinical research. He supports eating healthy oils like olive oil, but the recipe section in the back of the book lists canola oil in most recipes. Two of the best diets in the world, according to Weil are the Paleolithic Diet and traditional Japanese Diet, but the descriptions of these diets are not supported with reference links.

The Eating Well for Optimum Health book does contain some healthy, nutrient dense recipes so the dieter can utilize those, but the price is a bit high for a diet recipe book when thousands of diet recipes are available free online.

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  • Written by a doctor.
  • Supports healthy eating for improved health.


  • Contradictory statements are found throughout the book.
  • Dr. Weil makes claims with no support.
  • The book costs more than other self-help books.
  • Does no directly address weight loss.


Eating Well for Optimum Health has many healthy recipes and a good number of positive reviews, but the negative reviews bring to life some major problems. One reader claimed to love Dr. Weil before this book but after reading the blatantly incorrect information combined with common diet tips like eating more fruits and vegetables, he will not read another book by the author.

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