EatSmart Nutritional Scale Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The EatSmart Nutritional Scale measures the weight of food and displays nutritional information for packaged and pre-programmed foods. There are thousands of packaged foods and 999 whole foods. Chances are, the dieter will find many of the most common diet foods on the scale, but exotic and specialty foods may not be available for nutritional analysis. The EatSmart Nutritional Scale runs on 4 AAA batteries, which means there is an added cost for upkeep. Using rechargeable batteries will cost more in the beginning, but these can be recharged and used over when the batteries lose power.

List of Ingredients

Food scale that displays calories, carbs, fiber, sodium, fats and other vitamins and nutrients.

Product Features

Weighing foods for weight loss isn’t enough. Dieters must record the weight and then find the nutritional information for the food. The EatSmart Nutritional Scale takes the work out of dieting by displaying nutritional information for many common diet foods according to the food weight. Food results can be tracked by the week with up to 99 entries. J

If a food has a nutritional label from the USDA, the nutritional information for the serving size on the scale can be calculated. For instance, if a dieter is eating baked potato chips and wants to measure out slightly more than the serving size on the bag, they can place the chips o the EatSmart Nutritional Scale and the display will show the exact information for the amount of food on the scale.

There is no information in the product description about how the scale stores this information. It could connect to the Internet or come with pre-programmed foods. If the foods are pre-programmed, the information will quickly be outdated as new products are released.

The calculating setting on the EatSmart Nutritional Scale allows the dieter to enter nutritional information from the label into the machine directly for an exact nutritional result. This information can be stored for up to a week before the dieter must renter information from the label. The biggest complaint is that dieters cannot store this information indefinitely for foods they commonly eat.

The EatSmart Nutritional Scale costs about $70 on The overall rating for the digital scale is 4

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