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ECA 30 Stackers is an ephedra product that some companies just won’t let go. We found the supplement offered on multiple websites. The company behind the supplement is Evo Labs, but we doubt they are responsible for the listings we found online as all are from third-party vitamin companies and not the manufacturer.

According to some product descriptions, this product is a replacement for ECA 30+ by Diamond Labs. We also found several listings for that product. Many dieters wonder how these supplements can still be for sale when ephedra is not legally sold in the US as a diet supplement. The truth is most of the bottles contain a different formula than the one listed on the bottle.

List of Ingredients


  • Ephedra – 30 mg
  • Caffeine – 210 mg
  • Aspirin – 30 mg
  • Naringin – 80 mg

Product Features

Despite the fact that the supplement includes ephedra, we are thrilled that the company lists all ingredients with amounts. You see, if a product works it is easy to list all the ingredient amounts. If the product does not work, the company tries to hide this ingredient or that ingredient – thus the invention of the proprietary blend.

Ephedra is no longer legal so ECA 30 Stackers are no legal for sale or purchase in the United States. The websites we found listing this supplement are outside the United States, but most offer US shipping. There is a good chance this supplement does not contain the same ephedra used in the classic ECA stacks when the supplement was legal.

An ECA stack consists of ephedra, caffeine and aspirin – just as it appears on this label. The ECA stack is a proven supplement combination that will promote weight loss and fat loss. Unfortunately, it also promoted heart-related side effects and death, which is why the FDA banned ephedra in the first place.

Naringin is an extract of the grapefruit. There could be some positive weight loss benefits, but it is not the main ingredient in the formula.

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  • Contains an ECA stack – illegal in the United States.


The ECA stack is a positive and a negative because it is proven to boost metabolism and weight loss, but it is also illegal and associated with negative side effects. ECA 30 Stackers is no longer being formulated by Evo Labs, so there is a good chance the product you receive is not the classic product sold when ephedra was legal.

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