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The truth is it can be quite irksome and tedious sorting through the countless weight loss pills and supplements. With such a high demand for these products in America alone, you will certainly encounter plenty of them in stores and online. In this review, we are going to look more closely at one called ECA Stack. It is supposed to be suitable for both women and men, 18 and older.

We are going to scrutinize the three key active ingredients found in ECA Stack. These are listed as Ephedrine Alkaloids, Caffeine, and Acetylsallicylic. While Ephedrine is a component that is claimed to heighten thermo genesis, Acetylsallicylic is supposed to improve mental awareness. Caffeine is used in this product to increase energy levels. ECA Stack is directed to be taken three times each day with a full glass of water each time (two capsules is a serving). Users should not exceed six capsules in 24 hours.

List of Ingredients

Ephedrine Alkaloids (20 mg), Caffeine (20 mg), and Acetylsallicylic (324 mg).

Product Features

ECA Stack is a dietary supplement that is claimed to help with weight reduction. It comes in capsule form (120 capsules for $60), and can be acquired online without a doctor’s prescription required. According to some websites, this product has been discontinued. After all, it does contain Ephedrine as the primary ingredient, which has been banned in the United States. Although Ephedrine is supposed to increase the user’s core heat or thermo genesis, there are serious side effects that apply to this ingredient. It can cause internal injury or death in some users. As with some other weight loss formulas on the market nowadays, ECA Stack is meant to be taken on its own. There is no reason for a special low-fat diet or exercise regimen. Essentially this product is claimed to assist users with weight loss 24/7. ECA Stack also provides additional energy and heightened endurance levels. According to some distributors, it also improves concentration.

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  • This supplement formula may improve the user’s concentration.
  • There is no prescription needed for ECA Stack.


  • This product contains high levels of caffeine, which is a diuretic.
  • There are some warnings posted where this supplement is sold.
  • Some websites say ECA Stack has been discontinued.
  • This weight loss product contains Ephedrine, which has been banned in the USA.
  • Exercise and healthy eating are not encouraged with this formula.


When all is said and done, we certainly cannot recommend ECA Stack for weight loss. Especially since this product contains Ephedrine, which has been banned. It is clear that this diet drug could lead to serious side effects. Furthermore, regular exercise and a healthy diet are not recommended with this product. This alone will likely deter a number of dieters.

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    Hello i been taking ECA FUSION for the past two weeks lots shaking drives me crazy its getting better but my stomach hurts alot not sure what i am doing wrong