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Ants are extremely strong in comparison to their size. If humans were that strong, we each could pick up our personal vehicles without blinking an eye. Researchers and scientists long wondered how insects could have strength that greatly overpowered their size. After many years of research, one scientist found 20-Hydroxyecdysone, or Ecdysterone, but research did not stop there.

For a long time, scientists could not figure out how to extract the photochemical from plants. With the first research finding in 1988, it took 12 years to simplify and perfect the extraction process and today Ecdysterone is available for human supplementation. Often referred to as “bug juice”, the supplement claims to increase lean muscle and metabolism.

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Despite the claims made by several supplement and nutraceutical companies, Ecdysterone is not the next wonder drug. Plants make the sterol for small animals and bugs that use it for energy and other reasons as part of their daily life. We, humans, consume Ecdysterone from plants all the time, but the substance has no effect on lean muscle or weight.

While it is nice to listen to claims of speeding metabolism and increased weight loss simply by taking a new, plant-based (and thus safe) supplement, we have yet to find that perfect ingredient either naturally or synthetically. Some supplements include proven ingredients like green tea and caffeine – both of which increase heart rate and metabolism. However, even these supplements need to be taken with a decreased calorie diet and exercise for overall body health.

Ecdysterone can be found as a standalone supplement for $15 to $35 a bottle. Some nutraceutical companies use 20-Hydroxyecdysone as an ingredient in a blend so dieters need to watch labels carefully. There are no known side effects associated with Ecdysterone, but the fact that is does not work to increase weight loss means it is a filler ingredient, at best.

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  • All natural plant based sterol.
  • Product found online.
  • Prices are lower than other weight loss supplements.


  • No scientific evidence Ecdysterone increases weight loss.
  • Supplement companies often use the ingredient in proprietary blends.
  • No testimonials from people losing weight on Ecdysterone could be found.


There are plenty of weight loss supplements that claim to help dieters lose more weight, but few back up those claims with real proof. Science and experts research ingredients, herbs, and blends all the time and some results are amazing. Green tea and caffeine, for instance, increase heart rate markedly and thus increase calorie expenditure and weight loss. Ecdysterone has been through more than a few tests and none links the natural plant sterol to increased lean muscle or weight loss effects of any kind.

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