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Eclipse 1100 HR is an elliptical trainer sold by Eclipse, a fitness brand exclusive to retail giant Target. Smaller than typical elliptical trainers, this machine claims to be low-impact and easy to install, packaged with a complimentary LCD window, twelve pre-set programs, a calorie and time tracker, and a one year warranty, included with all Eclipse 1100 HR trainers. What Eclipse 1100 HR lacks in price and size is made up for in efficiency and favorable reviews — many customers say they prefer this trainer over other machines, due to the ease of set up, the included warranty, and the ease it has on joints. Eclipse 1100 HR is currently available at Target stores for $499.99.

Eclipse 1100 HR is quick to emphasize the usability and importance of utilizing an effective elliptical trainer as a convenient alternative to visiting the gym, and many consumers do just that — but this may not be the best way to get a fulfilling workout. Elliptical trainers, including Eclipse 1100 HR, do have some use in any workout to speed up weight loss, however.


Eclipse 1100 HR comes with an instruction manual and a one year warranty.

Product Features

Eclipse 1100 HR’s most unique feature is its patented orbital linkage system, which they say “smooths” the effort used to work the machine. Many consumers do note that Eclipse 1100 HR felt smoother compared to other machines, and had a lesser impact on the joints. This is important, especially for those with joint issues or the elderly; using a machine that is softer on the joints is a great benefit.

Eclipse 1100 HR tends to be smaller than most elliptical trainers, however. The stride on the machine is only a mere 15 inches, which makes the stride considerably short — and appears to be a factor preventing most consumers from continuing to use the product. Formulating a challenging but easy-to-use machine is important, but not as much as being able to adapt to the stride of the elliptical machine. Dieters should not assume that elliptical trainers are immediately ineffective in any workout routine, however. The cross training method used in elliptical trainers may provide a substantial cardio workout (cardiovascular exercise is shown to be a determining factor for burning off fat efficiently), but only if the trainer is built in an efficient and adaptable manner.

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  • Comes with a one year warranty.
  • Is available at Target, one of the biggest retail giants in the United States.


  • Is smaller than other elliptical machines, and may not provide an appropriate stride length for proper exercise.
  • It is not immediately clear what advantage this trainer has over other brands — its “orbital linkage system” seems to be a minimal benefit.
  • Dieters should not depend on this alone to provide a substantial workout.


Eclipse 1100 HR is an affordable, smaller elliptical trainer that should easily fit into any home, but this trainer may be too small for some dieters’ tastes. Unlike other trainers, however, dieters do not need to visit a specialized store to purchase the product — simply pop into the closest Target store to purchase the trainer.

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  • 1
    Carolyn Cook

    I have an Eclipse 100HR Program elliptical trainer but don’t have a manual to show all the programs & things is will do. Is there some way I could get one. Sincerely Yours, Carolyn Cook


  • 2
    Hope Alexander

    I do no have any instrutions for the orbital Eclipse 1100HR. Could you please send them to me by email. Thanks. H. Alexander


    Carl Holder

    I purchased a used OLS eclipse 1000 HR. I would like to order the 2 plastic covered pedal roolers and the users manual. Please send info to my email. Thanks. C. Holder


  • 3

    Where can I get a users manual for my 1100HR Eclipse


  • 4
    cindy c

    I purchased a used Eclipse 1100 and need the manual. Any suggestions?