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Eclipse Deluxe Burners is a dietary supplement that claims to incorporate both fat burning and thermogenic ingredients to help dieters lose weight and suppress the appetite. Sold by the same manufacturers behind Eclipse Lipodize, Eclipse Deluxe Burners targets their diet supplement towards burning fat instead of promoting thermogenesis, although it is a component of the product. This time they claim proven fat burners are included to help dieters burn off fat effortlessly, including Chitosan, Chromium Picolinate, and L-Carnitine. Furthermore, they also guarantee the safety of their product, and Hoodia Gordonii and Ephedra are noticeably absent from their formula.

Fat burners are nearly as popular as diet supplements because of its claimed ability to burn fat without exercise or diet, and for some dieters may be their ideal way of losing weight. Eclipse Deluxe Burners claims to be the only one of its kind that can do this in an efficient manner without additional diet or exercise, and given its price — one bottle costs $11.99 — it may also be an affordable choice. The ingredients contained in Eclipse Deluxe Burners may not be as effective as they claim, however.


Eclipse Deluxe Burners contains Super Citrimax, Chitosan, L-Carnitine, Thermogenics (Capsaicin, Caffeine), and Chromium Picolinate.

Product Features

Eclipse Fat Burners includes a variety of popular diet ingredients, including Chitosan, L-Carnitine, and Chromium Picolinate. Chitosan, a derivate from crustaceans, was recently touted as a fat attractor by several diet companies but studies have not concluded such benefits — it may only eliminate a negligible amount of calories if used regularly. Chromium Picolinate has the same issue. Despite claims made about the fat burning properties of Chromium Picolinate, no studies have been able to determine any noticeable benefits for dieters. It only appears to help improve blood glucose levels in diabetics.

These studies are worrying for dieters, since little to no benefits could be legitimately verified. Their thermogenics blend may be the only source of any cited benefits — caffeine is shown to improve energy levels whereas capsaicin may help suppress appetite due to the chemical effect in the stomach. Both ingredients are not used in plentiful amounts, however, and this effect may be limited.

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  • Is very cheap, as are all Eclipse products.
  • Does not contain any dangerous ingredients.


  • Chitosan and Chromium Picolinate do not contain any proven fat burning properties.
  • Does not appear to contain many ingredients which promote thermogenesis, except for the inclusion of caffeine.
  • There are no ingredients included which may help dieters burn off additional fat.


Eclipse Deluxe Burners may claim to contain safe and effective ingredients, but science simply does not back this up. Caffeine and Capsaicin may be the only ingredients where any diet-related benefits could be located. This may not be enough for dieters who want a truly superior product, and the proven effects of this product may be minimal compared to other diet products.

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