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Ectoplan is a weight gaining plan for people who feel they are too thin or who have trouble gaining weight. The plan consists of one a day tablets along with a meal plan.

Ectoplan does not have an official website making it difficult to find important information about the product. Ectoplan can be purchased online from several websites. It is sold and shipped by Rush Industries.

There are mixed reviews about Ectoplan according to various website forums. Some consumers saw weight gain in less than one week. There were also claims of shapelier bodies and better fitting clothing. However, some consumers felt that Ectoplan had a placebo effect on them and weren’t really sure if the tablets worked. One person mentioned feeling nauseous and feeling hungry all the time. Others mentioned that the meal plan consisted of a large amount of food making one feel that perhaps it was the amount of food and not the tablets that helped with weight gain. Not everyone followed the meal plan, so results and reviews varied greatly.

List of Ingredients

Most of the ingredients in Ectoplan are vitamins. The following ingredients are listed on one of the websites that sells Ectoplan: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-2, Niacin, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Manganese, and Beef Liver. Other ingredients include Microcrystalline Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Croscarmellos Sodium, Magnesium Stearate and Food Glaze.

Product Features

Ectoplan can be purchased through many websites for approximately $14.98 for a 30 day supply. It also comes in a 60 day supply for approximately $19.98 or a 90 day supply for approximately $27.98. Shipping is extra.

The website for Rush Industries claims that Ectoplan is safe, effective and fast-acting. The company offers a no risk trial of 30 days. If a customer does not see the desired results in 30 days, the empty bottle can be sent back for a refund.

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  • Order as little as a 30 day supply.
  • Product comes with a money back guarantee.


  • There is no official website for Ectoplan.
  • Ectoplan gets mixed reviews on several website forums.


Ectoplan tablets contain many vitamins which make them sound safe. Their effectiveness as a weight gain product is somewhat questionable. Some consumers reported good results with weight gain and a shapelier body during their 30 day trial period. Others did not have any luck at all. Of course, as with all products, individual results will vary. However, one question to ponder about Ectoplan. Are consumers gaining weight because they have taken the tablet or are they gaining weight because they are following the meal plan that is prescribed along with the tablets? One consumer mentioned that the prescribed meal plan consisted of a large amount of food.

If a person is having trouble gaining weight, they should consult a physician to rule out any medical conditions before trying a weight gaining supplement.

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  • 1

    ectoplan coming from wich country?i need der any side effcts??


  • 2

    Is it to make ur butt bigger and breast ??????


  • 3

    side effects please


  • 4

    pls am in Nigeria & I need this ectoplan. Can I get it in Nigeria? Pls Inbox me on


  • 5

    Were can i get ectoplan in nigeria


  • 6

    hey girls…ive always been skinny and it always showed even more b.c im tall..for some reason I always remained 98lbs even though I eat like a MONSTER

    well, I took ectoplan and decided to take it with chocolate Ensure Plus and after 2 months weighed 124lbs! 26lbs gained baby!

    Loveeee the product and my butt and thighs def got bigger..yes, my stomach did get a little bigger since im used to always naturally having abs but I prefer a tiny stomach then being skinny bones

    I recently lost about 10lbs due to stress so I re-ordered Ectoplan :)



    what is the meal plan exactly? i keep looking it up and i keep finding that i need to eat large amounts of food, but how large is large?


  • 7

    i want to know if this product is in Jamaica, because it will be to expensive for my to buy and it include shipping!! i really want to gain weight and i think i like this thing before i even start trying it


  • 8

    me too, i bought th item today, but dont hv meal plan. Do i hv t take th tablet before or after meal?


  • 9

    I never got the meal plan with my order.. Can anyone tell me what it is? I may not need it because I eat so much anyways but it would be nice to have. I cannot gain weight for anything so I hope these help.


  • 10
    shantell T.

    I took ectoplan tablets b4 and stopped after running out. I wish i never stopped because i believe i could have been at my goal weight by now. I was looking for something that would make me gain faster. Ectoplan worked well for me and I wasnt following the meal plan at all. I just felt that the food plan was wayyyyy..too much for me to eat so i just ate like usual and took my tablets everyday. Everything wont work for everybody.


    juanetta ivy

    how long did it take you to see results from the ectoplan tablet i have been on it for a week and some days now do you have to take it everyday at the same time


    shantell T.

    i saw results in about 3-4 weeks and yes 1 pill a day but i dont believe it had to be at the same time.


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