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If you are new to the diet product market, then there are certain ingredients and substances you should be leery of. After all, they can lead to serious side effects and health conditions in some users. One of these is Ephedrine or Ephedra. Not long ago it was commonly used in weight loss pills, and was well-known for boosting the user’s metabolism or internal heat. While this can lead to high calorie burning, it also lead to health problems and emergency room visits. This brings us to the product known as ECY Stack. Although it no longer appears to be available online, it was once a popular dietary supplement.

In regards to the core active ingredients used in ECY Stack, they are essentially Ephedrine HCL, Caffeine, and Yohimbine. Together these components work to boost thermo genesis and fat burning. However, since there were some side effects with this weight loss formula, another one emerged called ECA Stack. This one is still sold online through certain dealers, and it contains Aspirin, instead of Yohimbine. ECA Stack is supposed to work in a similar fashion to ECY Stack. According to distributors, it heightens energy, helps with calorie burning, improves lean muscle tissue, and assists the user with shedding unwanted body fat.

List of Ingredients

Ephedrine HCL, Caffeine, and Yohimbine.

Product Features

Even though ECY Stack can still be made by dieters if the right components are acquired, it is certainly not recommended. Nor is it wise to try products like ECA Stack for weight loss, since it contains Ephedrine. The truth is all products containing this substance should be avoided for health and safety reasons. This is why it was banned in the United States. Furthermore, one of the other primary components of ECY Stack was Caffeine, which is a diuretic that draws water from the user’s muscles. This is not beneficial to the body either.

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  • ECY Stack came in a convenient capsule form.
  • There was no prescription required for this weight loss product.


  • ECY Stack is no longer available.
  • This weight loss supplement contained the harmful component Ephedrine.
  • There are no clinical studies provided on an official website to support ECY Stack.
  • Some dieters may have bad reactions to this weight reduction formula.
  • There are a number of side effects that pertain to ECY Stack.


When all is said and done, it is best to listen to health care professionals and scientists when it comes to avoiding specific ingredients. This is why we do not recommend ECY Stack for weight loss. Not only does this product contain Ephedrine, but it additionally contains high levels of Caffeine. Neither of which are healthy for the body in regards to weight reduction.

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    jeff matthews

    where can you buy ecy stack



    You have to biy the ephedrine from canada and yohimbe and caffeine can be purchased online or at gnc.