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The Edenic Diet pulls suggested foods from the Garden of Eden. According to the diet details, in order to lose weight the dieter must eat the foods Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden. The Bible does not adequately list foods eaten during biblical times, so the dieter must go on the suggestions listed in the diet description. Basic foods allowed on the plan include fruits and some vegetables. Processed and man-made foods are not allowed. There is also very little protein in the diet, which reduces the viability of following the Edenic Diet long-term.

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Weight loss diet based on the foods eaten by Adam and Eve.

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The diet was first introduced by Rev. Sylvester Graham in the 1800s. Followers were advised to eat foods from the Garden of Eden. All foods are vegetarian so no animal meat is allowed on the plan. Healthy sources of protein are available for dieters who choose to follow a vegetarian plan, but not all protein sources were available in the Garden of Eden, herein lays the problem with the Edenic Diet. Soy, for instance, is a healthy protein source for vegetarians but soy did not grow in the Garden of Eden.

According to Rev. Graham, the foods allowed on the Edenic Diet are eaten to repent the sins that occurred in the Garden of Eden. Prayer and reflection of one self is important when following the diet. There is a deeply religious undertone to the Edenic Diet, but it is the unhealthy food list that makes this program a fad choice for weight loss.

Foods are often consumed raw because cooking appliances were not around during the time of Adam and Eve. Severely limiting food intake also limits vitamins intake. After following the Edenic Diet for a prolonged time, the dieter may experience vitamin deprivation and deficiency. This could lead to serious health problems.

There is no cost to follow the Edenic Diet. Dieters must simply read the bible and choose foods commonly eaten from the beginning of time as we known it.

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  • Limits intake of processed foods.
  • Vegetarian and vegan diets are healthy when followed correctly.
  • There is no cost for the diet.


  • Dieters following the Edenic Diet may suffer from vitamin deficiency.
  • The diet is used to repent the happenings in the Garden of Eden.
  • Praying and self-reflection may not be comfortable for a dieter that is not religious.


The Edenic Diet is not your average weight loss plan. The idea is to eat as the first people on earth ate to repent the sins of man. Leaving out processed foods is healthy, but skipping healthy sources of protein is not.

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