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Genetic Edge Technologies offers a variety of different supplements. These products have a wide range of purposes. Some of the products’ benefits include energy, a fat burning boost, increased muscle definition, and decreased muscle recovery time. Most of these products are relatively inexpensive compared to competing companies’ products. However, many users have not gotten the expected results. Some users complain that the results have been minimal, or even nonexistent.

The manufacturer of these products claims many different results. Most of these results are rare, and they definitely are not typical. Also, although these products are inexpensive, many of them have some side effects. Generally with health supplements, you get what you pay for. This is definitely the case with these products. Even though they are inexpensive, the results are minimal. Also, these products do not come with a warranty or trial. If they do not work, you are simply out of luck, and the company will not do anything for you.

List of Ingredients

These products that are made by Genetic Edge Technologies contain a variety of different ingredients that try to accomplish the desired purchase. These ingredients have many purposes including pre-workout energy, inducing fat burning in your body, and increasing your energy during and after a workout.

Product Features

Most of the products offered by Genetic Edge Technologies come in convenient easy to swallow capsules, but these capsules can take a while to take effect. Some of the effects wear off rather quickly, and other effects never even occur. Also, although these products are inexpensive, most customers agree that they are simply cheap knockoffs of competitors’ products.

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  • These products offered by Genetic Edge Technologies are fairly inexpensive when compared to competitors’ prices.
  • These supplements come in easy to swallow pills, and they are easier to take than powdered substances offered by some companies.


  • These vitamins and supplements do not come with a warranty of any kind, and many customers are unwilling to risk money for something that they are unsure of.
  • Most customers have experienced disappointing results and claim that these products are not worth the price even though they are fairly inexpensive.
  • The capsules take a while to dissolve, and the effects take quite a while to kick in.


Genetic Edge Technologies offers many products that are becoming more and more desired. These products are meant to help lose weight, gain muscle, or increase energy. They are offered at inexpensive prices, and are easy to take. However, they do not come with a warranty, they take a while to begin to work, and most customers are disappointed in the results. There are many similar products out there that are offered for a little more money, but that produce much better results.

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