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The eDiets Fresh Prepared program is a home delivery system for weight loss meals. There are two options for meal delivery from the official website – 5 day or 7 day. The 5 day system delivers meals for 5 days a week, typically Monday to Friday. The 7 day program delivers meals for every day of the week. Prepared meals for weight loss help the dieter control calorie, protein, carbohydrate and fat intake without having to count the calories in each meal and snack. Often, these programs come with an open invitation to add healthy snacks like vegetables and fruit to compliment meals. There are four steps in the process. Dieters order the meals before the meals are prepared and sent to the dieter. All the dieter has to do is reheat the meals and eat. As long as the dieter eats the meals in the right quantity, they should lose weight.

List of Ingredients

Prepared meals for weight loss.

Product Features

A sample menu is available on the eDiets Fresh Prepared website. The dieter chooses three meals and one snack every day. Meals include French toast, rosemary pork, glazed chicken, blueberry muffins and blackened chicken. All meals come with a complex carbohydrate and vegetables. Snacks include chocolate bars, cinnamon cookies and terra chips. There is a snack missing from the program, but that is where a healthy vegetable snack comes in during the day.

There are no prices for the eDiets Fresh Prepared plans. In order to get pricing information, the dieter must have consultant information and sign up for the program. The FAQs section answers some user questions, but it does not list prices. The pictures of meals are larger than normal size so the portion sizes look huge. This is a visual deception technique used to sell the product. The meals are likely very small with controlled portions. Dieters can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week eating the 7 day menu with healthy snacks in the afternoon.

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  • Long list of meals and menu options.
  • Meals and prepared and delivered to your door.
  • No counting calories, protein, carbohydrates or fat.
  • May be inexpensive.


  • No prices are listed.
  • The weekend free option leaves the dieter to cook on the weekend.


The eDiets Fresh Prepared program helps a dieter lose weight by controlling calories without cooking. The menu plans are varied so everyone will find meals they like, but that does not mean these low calorie meals will taste great. There are no pricing details so the dieter has no idea how much they will be charged for the program. Pricing is important when ordering meals for delivery.

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