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The eDiets website provides access to a whole host of diet programs so that you can customize your diet plan to your unique goals and needs. Prospective members begin by filling out a free profile that goes through your weight loss goals, biggest challenges in dropping the weight, and lifestyle factors that may influence how you diet. Once the eDiets profile is completed, a diet program is recommended and you can choose to sign up for a monthly membership plan for as long as you like.

The program costs about $18 for a 28-day membership at the time of this review. Membership offers you access to meal plans, fitness programs, and online support to help you meet your goals. In addition, there is an option to sign up for a meal delivery plan that brings meals that fit into your program right to your door. There is a significant charge for this service but some may find the convenience worth every penny.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients for each of the diet plans will be dependent upon the one you choose. There are apparently many recipes and meal delivery options available, so that you can find foods that will delight your palate and at the same time meet your nutritional needs. In addition to the diet programs, you can choose from a variety of supplements, fitness equipment, and healthy snack packages. Some of the plans also come with a diet supplement, although the supplements that are featured are not generally considered the most effective for weight loss.

Product Features

The plans include plenty of recipes, a customized fitness plan, community support groups, and access to fitness and nutritional experts. Some of the well-know programs that are included as options for eDiets are Slim Fast, the Atkins diet, and the Mediterranean diet. You can also choose from vegetarian diets, heart-smart, high fiber, or wheat-free diets among others. The wide variety of choices really allows each individual to tailor a weight loss plan around their own personal health status and food preferences.

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  • eDiets offers many diet programs to choose from.
  • The plan includes ongoing support which provides a greater chance of meeting weight loss goals.


  • The monthly fee can add up quickly making this a costly way to lose weight.
  • The plan is still dependent on the self discipline and commitment of the dieter.
  • According to other websites there may be some dissatisfaction with the customer service.


We are always in favor of a diet program that combines healthy eating with daily exercise. However, many dieters find that they need an extra boost to help them stick with their program until they see positive results. We find that a diet supplement containing a proven appetite suppressant and a fat burner can be the most effect way to lose weight when coupled with a reasonable eating plan and regular fitness.

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  • 1

    food isnt all bad, but each order i had at least 6-8 items substituded. you cant get the food you ask for, why do they even bother asking you. but did loose 6lbs first week, but threw out over 2 breakfast, 2 lunches and 4 dinners, beucase i didnt get what i ask for. when i called service rep explained there will always be substitutes because the fill the customers order who have been there longer, the newbies get what is left over….the meals that no one else wants.


  • 2

    about 160.00 a week


  • 3

    What is the cost of meal delivery for one month?