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Boosting EFA, or essential fatty acids, is important to overall health. Some people choose to eat foods rich in fatty acids like flax seed, flax powder or fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, to increase fatty acid intake. EFAs are commonly packaged as soft gels, but Protein Factory has dehydrated the fat and offered it in this form for use with protein shakes and meal replacement powders. In terms of weight loss, EFA Powder is not for the dieter. Each serving contains 200 calories and 140 of those calories are from fat. While eating fat is important to low carb dieters and dieters following the Atkins diet, we are not happy with the saturated fat total in each serving. With 2 grams of saturated fat, each serving contains 10% of the total recommended saturated fat intake. There are a few protein and carbohydrate grams per serving, but nothing compared to the total fat.

Protein Factory offers lots of powdered supplements and no testimonials or free trials for any. The product description claims the powder tastes good, but we have nothing to go on but Protein Factory’s word on that.

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EFA Powder.

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The first mistake Protein Factory makes with EFA Powder is stating that the powder tastes good multiple times in the product description, yet never revealing the flavor of the powder. There is mention that dieters can use EFA Powder in soups, so we assume it is not flavored with a sweet taste like chocolate or vanilla. Being an oil supplement, we assume it would have an oily taste and texture in liquids. There is also no mention of how cooking the EFA Powder affects fatty acids.

Low carb dieters may benefit from using EFA Powder is they are having difficulty consuming enough fat. Unfortunately, each serving of EFA Powder contains 7 grams of carbohydrates and no dietary fiber. If the dieter were following the Atkins diet, one serving would account for about 1/3 of the total carbohydrates allowed during the Induction phase.

The little bit of protein added to EFA Powder is quite useless, other than adding more calories. There are plenty of protein shakes out there that contain 10 times the measly 5 grams of protein per serving in EFA Powder.

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  • Protein Factory publishes all ingredients in EFA Powder.
  • The price is lower than average fatty acid supplements at $7.69 per pound.


  • One pound contains only 15 servings.
  • One serving is 1/3 cup; that is a lot of fat powder.
  • There are 200 calories per serving.


There is no reason to pack 200 calories into the diet every time you want to take an essential fatty acid supplement. While EFAs are fats, supplements in soft gel form contain fewer calories.

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