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EGCG is short for Epigallocatechin gallate, one of the active ingredients found in green tea. Recent studies on green tea and on EGCG itself have supported EGCG’s ability to assist in weight loss. ECGC has anti-oxidant properties. Anti-oxidants protect the body’s cells from free radicals. Free radicals are believed to be responsible for many diseases and conditions in the body including cancer, auto-immune diseases, and heart disease. EGCG is found in many weight loss aids in varying strengths. As well as being an anti-oxidant, EGCG, along with the caffeine in green tea, produce a thermogenic response in the body. Thermogenesis creates heat in the body and boosts the metabolic system, increasing the speed of adipose (fat) tissue breakdown. Several peer-reviewed studies have backed up this claim and green tea and EGCG are considered the front-runners of weight loss ingredients.

Product Features

One of the main problems in the weight loss industry today is that there is no regulation or standardization of ingredients. Products that claim to contain green tea or ECGC may contain amounts too small to be of therapeutic value or may contain none at all. The FDA does not place the same disclosure requirements on supplements that they do on drugs. It is important to purchase any weight loss product only from reputable manufacturers who stand behind their products with a money-back guarantee. The best products on the market will provide a full list of ingredients along with concentrations. This allows the consumer to compare products based on active ingredients.

ECGC can also be found as a stand-alone supplement however, some research suggests that ECGC is more effective in combination with the other active ingredients in green tea. Drinking green tea is another way to get ECGC. It is estimated that 4-6 cups per day would be a therapeutic dose. There are no known side effects of taking even large doses of ECGC but it is always wise to check with your doctor before starting any new supplement regimen.

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  • Works with the caffeine in green tea as a powerful anti-oxidant.
  • Has been clinically-proven to assist with weight loss.
  • Can be found alone or together with other weight loss aids.


  • Some formulations may not contain a high enough dose of ECGC to be effective
  • Is just one piece of an effective diet supplement.


Clinical trials continue to show the importance of ECGC and green tea in weight loss as well as the prevention of many ailments. Many weight loss products on the market today contain ECGC or green tea. Higher levels of ECGC in weight loss aids are likely to be more effective than lower doses. Choose a product that discloses all of its ingredients and contains ECGC or green tea as one of the main ingredients.

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  • 1

    How many mg.’s does the green tea have to have to be effective?


  • 2
    Treve Smith

    Can a person overdose on EGCg. I have been taking 1000
    mg per day (3 months) in hopes of delaying a reoccurence of my lymphoma. Is it po0ssible that the EGCg can reduce iron levels in the blood at that dose??


  • 3

    How much EGCG is required to get results in weight loss?



    Recent reviews of all the available information (2009) suggests 300mg of EGCG per day over 3 months can lead to 0.5-3.5 lbs of weight loss. This is about three cups of tea each day.



    Leon, can you link us that review of all the available information??? I cannot find this review on the web.


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