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Ego Mandarin is a fruit drink that claims to boost fat burning processes through a unique blend of Bitter Orange and Guarana Extracts, which is said to promote fullness in the stomach while allowing the body to be able to burn more fat. Designed for those already on a diet, Ego Mandarin is marketed as an energy drink that will naturally increase additional weight loss. It is infused with “a fresh Mandarin” flavor, which is claimed to be 100% natural and safe for daily consumption.

American dieters who want to try Ego Mandarin may run into one issue — this drink is only available in Central and South America. Ego Mandarin can only be obtained from independent sellers in those regions, increasing the difficulty of purchase. It does not seem to be very affordable either — one bottle sells for a staggering $10.00. A complete six pack of Ego Mandarin sells for nearly $33.00 per package. Their formula may present its own issues as well.


Ego Mandarin indicates its drink contains Mandarin, Bitter Orange, and Guarana Extract.

Product Features

Ego Mandarin contains a blend of Bitter Orange and Guarana Extract, common but controversial diet ingredients. Bitter Orange is an extract from the citrus tree that is often claimed to have similar effects to Ephedra, which is partially true, as it does promote similar side effects. There is no evidence that it may help facilitate weight loss. however. Bitter Orange is considered a close cousin of Ephedra because of the chemical that naturally occurs in the plant, synephrine, but these effects do not affect the appetite. Noted effects include rapid heart beat and stimulation of the nervous system. For those with cardiovascular issues, this extract may be too dangerous.

Guarana Extract may also have its share of issues for people suffering from cardiovascular disorders. Guarana Extract is also considered similar to another substance, caffeine, and stimulates the central nervous system chemically, which may result in a short energy boost. The result of this boost also promotes some unwanted side effects, which include rapid heart rate, dehydration, and “caffeine” headache. Although Guarana Extract is considered safer than caffeine, it is important to note these effects.

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  • Claimed to be a 100% all-natural drink.
  • Guarana Extract may be a safer form of caffeine.


  • Ingredients may increase symptoms related to cardiovascular disease.
  • May cause dehydration, due to the use of Guarana Extract.
  • Is currently only available in Central and South America; importing it may be costly.


Ego Mandarin is a fruity drink sure to appeal to those who want to avoid the hassle of supplement and drugs, but their ingredients may promote some unwanted effects on the heart, which may be too risky for those suffering from heart-related issues. Its popularity does indicate that dieters think positively about this product, however. If you are willing to spend the money to import Ego Mandarin, it may be an easy way to incorporate a diet drink into your dieting routine.

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