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EGOceutical is a supplement brand name that is created to enhance the male lifestyle. The company has two products that are targeted to the promotion of pleasures. These are the Stinger RX and Beer Neutralizer. The Stinger RX is a diet supplement that is made from all natural ingredients that promotes male enhancement. EGOceutical states their products are developed with the aid of doctors and health professionals to ensure their effectiveness and quality.

List Of Ingredients

Ashwaganda Root, Arginine AKG, and Cernitin, a Swedish flower pollen to aid in achieving the “ropes,” Long Jack, Catuaba and Horny Goat Weed to promote healthy testosterone production.

Product Features

The product features many claims and studies to indicate the products works as specified. The all natural ingredients do not have side effects other than those desired by the user. The Stinger RX features the ability to use the product 1 hour ahead of performance time and is not required to be used on a daily basis. The product is safe for most people and the ingredients are available to review before purchasing to ensure you are not allergic or have other adverse reactions to any of the all natural ingredients. There may be some ingredients that are not active but do preserve the supplement for storage and increased shelf life.

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  • Stinger RX is created by combining all natural herbs.
  • Stinger RX is the only product known that contains Cernitin, Yohimbe and Longjack. The combination of these three natural herbs are what causes Stinger RX work.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • No prescription needed.


  • People who suffer from any health problems such as hypertension should consult their doctor before using Stinger RX.
  • Hard to find in stock.


Egoceutical claims to be an all natural male enhancement supplement that will aid on demand. The product has not had widespread clinical testing to uphold all of the facts that they state. However, a money back guarantee is available to any customer who purchases either the Stinger RX or the Beer Neuatralizer and does not achieve the results they expected. All natural supplements, such as Egoceutical, are not regulated or tested by the Food and Drug Administration.

Stinger RX and Beer Neutralizer are available for purchase online. However, it is up to the individual online store to package the products in confidential mailing boxes. No prescription is necessary to try any of the Egoceutical brands and healthy people should suffer no side effects. Anyone with hypertension should double check with their doctor before beginning any supplemental support, including Egoceutical’s Stinger RX or Beer Neutralizer

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