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The Eight Day Cleanse is a product that is tailored to people who want to promote good health through a complete cleansing of their digestive system. This is an complete detoxification program. The Eight Day Cleanse system contains multiple products to take in conjunction with each other to provide a more cleansing experience than plain water diets. In addition to the health benefits claimed by Eight Day Cleanse most people also report weight loss. This is promoted as the same cleansing regimen develop by the Center of Advanced Medicine in San Diego, California that was supervised by Dr. Bill Kellas.

List Of Ingredients

There are two laxatives and diuretic supplements included in the Eight Day Cleanse. Also an enzyme and a multi nutritional supplement is also include. The vitamins and minerals are included to promote health.

Product Features

The Eight Day Cleanse is designed to reduce microorganism and to end the damage done to the body’s cells. It will also help dissolve plaque that adheres to intestinal walls, heal perforations in the intestinal wall linings so wastes does not go into the blood stream and confuse the immune system. Eight Day Cleanse features natural ingredients to help break down plaque and lipids and to help improve circulation by removing fibrins from capillaries and declumping red blood cells.

Eight Day Cleanse promotes the use of antioxidants to combat free radicals and reduce disease and aging. Strengthen the livers function to combat allergens and provide solid nutrition through the use of the multi-nutrient supplements that come with the system.

The cleanse will also provide an opportunity for the user to make lifestyle and diet changes once the cleansing program is over.

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  • Designed and tested at the Center for Advanced Medicine in San Diego, California.
  • 10,000 cleanses supervised at the clinic.
  • Helps end bad eating habits and promotes new ones once the cleanse is complete.
  • Can be repeated multiple times througout the year.
  • Phone and email counseling is available for free.
  • Variety of flavors to choose from.


  • Takes dedication.
  • Numerous vitamins and supplements to take.
  • Hard to schedule to maintain.


The Eight Day Cleanse is a detoxification program that helps improve health by ridding the body of toxins that build up over the years. The program can be repeated numerous times throughout the year. Weight loss does occur and about 1/3rd is regained after 1 month of the detox..

The Eight Day cleanse is a nutritional supplement and is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration so have not monitored or tested any of the claims made by Eight Day Cleanse or any other detoxification system.

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    I found the 8-day cleanse when I Googled “lower cholesterol fast”. I needed to get my number down from the mid-to-high 200’s to below 200 to get preferred rates on my health and life insurance renewal premiums, which at 57 begin to put a strain on my wallet. I did the “Cleanse” just as outlined, only eating vegetables, spices, and olive oil to compliment the products in the 8-day Package. My cholesterol on day 9 was 175. Stunning!