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Eileen Behan is a nutritional expert and author of many nutritional books targeted at helping the family eat a healthier lifestyle. The book “The Baby Food Bible” helps parents determine what to feed and how much to feed their baby from an infant throughout childhood. This book was written to promote a healthy lifestyle for the baby and reduce the chances of childhood obesity. Ms. Behan is a registered dietitian and professional nutritionist. She is also the mother of two and uses her personal experiences in her books. Eileen Behan also writes for online magazines and websites.

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Ms. Behan has become a trusted voice for new parents who want to eat health conscious meals. The books feature up to date information incorporating new dietary concerns and nutritional recommendations. The books not only focus on weight loss or maintenance but they also promote healthy eating as a lifestyle. The books are written to be a guide in easy to read and follow format.

The books are designed to guide new mothers on how to make food decisions that help them shed unwanted pounds while they are nursing. The Baby Food Bible helps mothers be more confident in the portion sizes and foods they feed their children.

The book includes crock pot recipes that are helpful for new moms and also for working moms. Also, there are vitamin and mineral recommendations, explanation of the Glycemic index and how it can help breastfeeding moms, information about fish safety and levels, low-carb diet information, the use of calcium in a diet, how to integrate whole grains for energy, whether or not to use nuts as a high protein food, preventing harmful eating habits in children and recommendation on good sugar substitutes.

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  • Eileen Behan’s books have a wide variety of options.
  • Her books and regimens are easy to follow.
  • Each of her nutritional books are targeted to specific groups so you don’t get a lot of information that doesn’t pertain to your own situation.


  • Some of the information is common sense that everyone would already know.


Eileen Behan has written many types of diets and nutritional guides for every member of the family. The books target specific and timely information that I needed at different points in my families life. The book about weight loss while breastfeeding is very helpful because it is hard to know what to do when your baby is also relying on you for his own nutrition. The books are available online and in some book stores. The local book store can order it if you request them to.

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