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Elements for Women is a female-only gym chain that focuses on three elements – beauty, body and mind. The gym partners with boutiques to offer a complete body changing experience, but the price for these services are much higher than a normal cut and style. The reference to “smartcard” workouts reminds us of Curves, another women-only chain of health clubs. The brochure for Elements for Women explains the selling points offered to owners of a new gym franchise. Each gym measures between 2,500 and 6,000 square feet and offers a variety of features, including supplements, branded clothing, yoga and Pilates workouts in addition to SmartCard machines.

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Gym franchise for women.

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While there are no real details about the machines used at Elements for Women, we managed to find a franchise in the United States with pictures of the gym interior. The equipment is identical to circuit training pieces used in the Curves franchise. Elements for Women is touted as a premier choice, not because the workouts are better, but because the organization focuses on beauty and mind in addition to fitness.

We could find no reason for the dieter to choose Elements for Women over other gyms or circuit machine workouts. Locations are available in the far west United States and far east United States with only a few clubs in between. Dieters can get a free pass to Elements for Women, but no pricing information is available from the franchise website. Each club has the right to change pricing so the dieter must visit the club before deciding whether to join up.

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  • There are official websites for all Elements for Women locations.
  • Dieters can use circuit training equipment to increase fitness levels and metabolism.


  • Each club sets its own prices.
  • Elements for Women is an upscale version of Curves.
  • The company business model is based on selling to women from multiple angles.
  • Women will not find free weights and other workout options.


There is nothing spectacular about Elements for Women aside from the fact that they aim to hit the wallet of members from various angles. The emphasis on beauty is supported with branded products and services. Without pricing information, the dieter is less likely to call for an appointment unless they are uniquely interested in circuit training Onsite nutritional advice may help a dieter lose weight, but we assume this service is only available for an additional fee. Dieters will need to follow a diet program with supplements, if desired, to achieve weight loss and circuit training will not promote weight loss without a reduced calorie diet.

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    elements is a great club for women! I have been a member there for 5 years, lost over 35 pounds and kept it off!