Elements Pilates Weight Loss For Beginners Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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With so many workout DVDs available on the market today, it is often hard for the dieter to weed through the bad ones to choose the ideal workout for weight loss. Element Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners is considered one of the better workout DVDs. The DVD is available on Amazon.com for less than $11 and the reviews are mostly good. Pilates combines cardio with mat workouts to hit all the major muscle groups to boost metabolism and fine tune muscle definition.

List of Ingredients

Pilates workout DVD with Brooke Siler.

Product Features

Brooke Siler owns and operates a certification program for Pilates instructors and Pilates gym in New York City. The bestselling author trains celebrities in her off time. The Elements Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners DVD focuses on teaching basic Pilates moves to people who have never done Pilates before. Pilates workouts are considered one of the best choices for weight loss because no muscle groups are forgotten and cardio workouts are part of the series.

The customer reviews for the Elements Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners are good. The most common complaint is that the DVD is too hard, but that is to be expected from reviewers who have no background in Pilates or fitness in general. Overall, consumers like how the instructor explains and cues moves. There is no specific diet associated with this DVD, which could be a problem for some dieters. Weight loss requires more than following a Pilates DVD a few days a week. Dieters need to consume fewer calories than the body needs to reduce weight. If a dieter continues to overeat and works out with the DVD, there will be no weight loss benefit.

The DVD is broken up into two sections. The follower can start with one section or choose to play both back to back for a longer workout. The DVD runs 51 minutes, but we estimate the complete workout lasts about 45 minutes. This could be too long for the beginner, so the break in between the two workouts is ideal.

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  • Broken into two workout segments.
  • Costs less than other workout DVDs.
  • Great reviews from beginners and fitness gurus.


  • May be too difficult for a beginner.
  • Pilates requires mat work so followers with joint and back pain may have difficulty.
  • Will not promote weight loss if the dieter does not eat healthy.


A workout DVD like Elements Pilates Weight Loss for beginners will help a dieter lose weight if they are able to control food intake. There is no diet associated with the Pilates DVD so the dieter is on their own to find a low calorie diet to promote weight loss.

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