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The Elimination Diet is commonly used by people who have reactions from certain foods. These reactions could be linked to food allergies or intolerance to given foods. Dieters will remove or eliminate foods in order to rule out or discover where the problem is originating. There is no mention of weight loss associated with the Elimination Diet, but the concept is similar to some diet and menu plans centered on foods that cause weight gain.

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Menu plan allowing for food elimination to reduce effects of food allergies or food intolerance.

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When trying out an Elimination Diet, dieters are often looking for one or more foods causing a negative reaction in the body. The typical culprits are milk and eggs, but other diet additives like food colorings and food preservatives could be to blame.

In terms of dieting, the Elimination Diet is not usually used to reduce weight, but the diet can be tweaked for weight loss. If a dieter finds they are “addicted” to a certain type of food and tend to overeat that food most often, they can eliminate that food from the diet in an attempt to lose weight.

There is no cost for the Elimination Diet, but there are also no stringent guidelines for using the diet for weight loss. A gastrointestinal or allergy doctor may work with patients who are suffering discomfort and health issues related to foods, but weight loss doctors do not typically specialize in the Elimination Diet as a means of inducing weight loss.

Due to a delay in some food borne reactions, each food eliminated should remain out of the diet for more than 48 hours – more often for one or more weeks. The reverse can also be used as part of the Elimination Diet with suspect foods being consumed with each meal over a period of three to seven days. Patients are then expected to wait at least three more days for any potential reaction to the food.

The Elimination Diet, also commonly referred to as the Exclusion Diet, is a slow process of diagnosis.

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  • Information on the Elimination Diet is available free of charge.
  • Eliminating certain foods may cause weight loss.


  • The Elimination Diet was not created for weight loss.
  • Dieters need to create a diet based version of the Elimination Diet on their own.


When trying to lose weight, some dieters can be left feeling lost after trying many plans and many supplements. The Elimination Diet could be a great source of information about how to eliminate foods from the diet that could be causing health problems, including weight gain. However, most of the information we found on the plan was rooted in food allergies and not weight loss.

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    I am intrested on starting an elimination diet. Possible food allergies suspected.I would like info on the whole process.



    when i was younger i went on a rice diet. every week i would introduce a spice or dairy or wheat binto my diet to see if i had any reactions. if i did i got a white board marker and put that food on the fridge. to get the rice diet food list i had to go to the doctor to get it, but be very carfull i lost a lot of weight doing this which didnt make me feel happy with myself. but now i know and so does the family (thanks to the list on the fridge)what i can eat without having the worry or pains anymore. please see your doc about the list. but be worned its a very plian list that you have to stick to.