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Elite Hoodia does not appear to be available from the manufacturer at this time. Available information could provide a look into why the product is not available. The sole ingredient in Elite Hoodia is Hoodia Gordonii. Many online sources of Hoodia claim to be the ONLY pure source, but faking South African CITES papers is quite easy with a photo editor. Pure Hoodia requires certification before being shipped out of the country – the CITES certificate.

List of Ingredients

Hoodia Gordonii.

Product Features

Experts believe more than 60% of all Hoodia Gordonii supplements sold on the Internet contain no Hoodia at all. That brings up the question, what is in the supplement if it is not Hoodia?

Hoodia was introduced several years ago and instantly hit weight loss fame. Supposedly, the cactus stopped hunger making it easier for the dieter to reduce calories and lose weight. The effect was tested in several studies and no positive results were found. Hoodia just does not reduce hunger, so there is no reason to seek out a pure source of the supplement.

The effectiveness of Hoodia was tested in one clinical study by injecting P57 directly into the brains of lab mice. P57 is the active ingredient in Hoodia that is supposed to curb hunger and make weight loss easier. The lab rice metabolized the P57 in a very short time leading researchers to the conclusion that doses large enough to produce any effects on the brain are impossible.

Elite Hoodia should not be confused with Hoodia Elite 200. Hoodia Elite 200 combines Hoodia with Guarana, synephrine and white willow bark. Elite Hoodia contains nothing other than Hoodia that we could find. We could find no pricing for Elite Hoodia.

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  • None.


  • Elite Hoodia could not be found online.
  • Ingredients for the supplement are not available.
  • We could not find a manufacturer for the supplement.
  • Hoodia has been proven ineffective at fighting hunger.
  • Elite Hoodia could be easily confused with Hoodia Elite 200.


The weight loss market took hold of Hoodia and ran with claims of hunger suppression. There is no clinical trial to support these claims. In fact, studies that have been completed could not produce hunger-fighting effects at all. The mind is a powerful tool in weight loss and Hoodia claims seem to be based on this mind power. The more information people read about how effective Hoodia is the more they believe it and thus weight loss occurs.

There are proven weight loss supplements with Caffeine, Green Tea and other proven ingredients. These supplements will have clinical proof backing up claims, testimonials, free trials and guarantees. Dieters may have more luck losing weight with proven supplements than those like Elite Hoodia.

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