Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates Review

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Ellen Croft is a celebrity fitness instructor that designed the Supremes Pilates system. Pilates is a form of exercise that can be rather intense and may not be suitable for all fitness levels. According to the official Ellen Croft website, Patrick Duffy and Elle MacPherson are supporters of the Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates System and use it to maintain a healthy, fit body. Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates is based out of Santa Barbara, California where she maintains a private fitness studio.

List of Ingredients

Pilates machines based on the original Cadillac design by Joseph Pilates.

Product Features

For more than 25 years, Ellen Croft has maintained a fitness career. When she was introduced to Pilates, she immediately knew this exercise program was one she loved. In an attempt to make Pilates an everyday part of home fitness, she strove to invent the Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates Machine small enough and affordable enough for home use.

The official website for the Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates Machine is lacking a bit. While there is a tab for shopping, at the time of this review the tab did not function. Checking third party resources, the machine sells on auction websites for around $300 plus shipping and handling which can be huge based on the weight of the machine. Trusted online retailers do not currently carry the Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates Machine in stock and the latest news on the official website is from 2007. All these factors lead us to believe that Ellen Croft is no longer supporting her Supreme Pilates machine.

For those who have the machine and want additional workout videos or DVDs, those are available from various sources online but can be priced as high as $90 for a set of five DVDs.

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  • Pilates can increase calorie burn and thus weight loss.
  • There is an official website for the Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates Machine and Program.


  • The Supreme Pilates machine is difficult to find online for sale.
  • Portions of the official website are not functional.
  • Consumers may have to pay as much as $90 for DVDs to use with the machine.


Ellen Croft is a trusted name in fitness and while increased exercise may result in weight loss, Pilates may be a bit difficult for a beginner. The lack of support for the Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates Machine from the official website could make some buyers a bit leery of buying. There is also the dedication needed to maintain any fitness program, let alone one that is known to be highly strenuous. In terms of weight loss support, many people may seem quicker and more effective benefit from a proven fat burner and a mild exercise plan consisting of moderate cardio like walking.

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2 User Reviews about Ellen Croft Supreme Pilates

  • 1

    This machine is the greatest. It’s unclear why someone commented that the workout can be too strenuous when the videos specifically show how each exercise can be modified for less difficulty. Ms. Croft’s verbal narrative while she and two other models demonstrate routines draws helpful attention to the fact that the other models are presenting the moves in modified fashion. She is very upbeat and helpful with this and showing us the modifications being done in real time I think is a step ahead of most fitness instructors. Its hard to see how fault could be found with it. Perhaps whoever wrote the comment never watched the videos.


  • 2

    We’ve had the supreme pilates for years and have enjoyed it not only for strengthening, but for flexibility as well. The long springs wore out over time, and I am waiting for replacements. How long does it take to fill out an order once it is submitted?