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E=mc2 Fat Burner is a fat burning supplement designed for use by bodybuilders, claiming to boost fat-burning and metabolic processes with its thermogenic blend of natural ingredients, including Guarana Extract and Citrus Aurantium. Said to be based on “cutting edge” technology, E=mc2 claims to utilize these key ingredients as a faster, more effective way of cutting fat and promoting muscle formation, making this an attractive product to bodybuilders. Dieters are also welcomed to try to product if their goal is to decrease their body fat percentage. For those seeking a natural solution to fat loss, E=mc2 Fat Burner may be one option to consider.

E=mc2 Fat Burner is currently sold at popular Internet retailers and select stores for $24.95, making it one of the most affordable bodybuilding supplements available. Some sites also offer money-back guarantees to unsatisfied customers. Approaching dieting and fat loss through natural methods is a popular solution, but this does not always promote the type of results gained through synthetic products.


E=mc2 Fat Burner contains Guarana Seed, Gymnema Sylvestris, Green Tea, Coleus Forskohlii, Piper Nigrum, Citrus Aurantium, and Chromium Polynicotinate.

Product Features

Dieters may recognize several key ingredients used in its formulation, including Guarana Seed, Green Tea, and Citrus Aurantium. All ingredients are from natural sources, which may be appealing to dieters. Guarana Seed, its main ingredient, is a seed extract that has similar properties to the coffee bean, and has similar benefits and side effects. One of its stimulant effects is its effect on the central nervous system — it stimulates this key area, preventing fatigue signals from being processed. It acts as a sort of energy aid. Most of the side effects correlated with this extract occur after the effect wears off, however. It is shown to promote dehydration, nervousness, and rapid heart beat, issues also connected with another key ingredient, Citrus Aurantium. This may present some issues for dieters with caffeine sensitivity or heart conditions. It does have legitimate backing as an energy stimulant, however.

Green Tea is another key ingredient promoted as a fat-burning aid due to a certain study conducted on the drink. This study concluded that daily consumption (two or more cups) of Green Tea boosted the metabolism considerably, promoting weight loss. It is difficult to say if it will have the same effect in E=mc2 Fat Burner however, due to its inclusion in a proprietary blend.

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  • Guarana Seed may have similar properties to coffee.
  • Is remarkably cheap, considering its “bodybuilding supplement” status.


  • Ingredients may promote rapid heart beat, and to a bigger extent, dehydration.
  • Because it utilizes a proprietary blend, some ingredients may be used in lesser amounts, reducing their effects.
  • May contain too many stimulant ingredients.


E=mc2 Fat Burner is a cheap, naturally-derived supplement designed for those who want to cut fat naturally, without resorting to dangerous, synthetic ingredients. Turning to natural supplements may not always be more effective, however. While E=mc2 Fat Burner contains some ingredients which may act as a mild energy aid, it may not provide the type of fat-burning effects noted in other synthetic products.

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