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What You Should Know

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eMedSaver is a website that claims to offer exclusive access to the cheapest legally obtainable prescription drugs in the United States, including allergy medication and weight loss drugs. Signing up for their service, which requires a monthly subscription fee, allows consumers full access to all of its features, including the ability to search, purchase, and compare drug prices, which include the popular weight loss drugs Phentermine and Meridia. eMedSaver claims this is the best way to save money without visiting a physician, and all prescription drugs can be obtained without a prescription.

Those who want to use the eMedSaver service will need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $24.97, which is currently non refundable and is required to gain access to the website. For those who want access to cheaper drugs, especially weight loss drugs, online without going through a physician, this may be one option to consider. There are risks associated with buying prescription drugs online, however, and there are some issues with the site not stated explicitly on eMedSaver.


eMedSaver claims to help consumer save up to 80% on prescription drugs by subscribing to their service.

Product Features

eMedSaver offers a couple of basic functions. First, it allows dieters to search for specific medications, either by browsing the lists provided or by using their search feature. Secondly, they show the price ranges of the best prices found on the web from legal pharmacies, along with information about how to purchase it from that select website. Users may also search by category, which includes a weight loss section. For consumers who do not have insurance, or cannot afford the price of a prescribed drug offered by a physician, this may be a more convenient way of retrieving the same drug for a smaller price. However, there are risks when choosing to go this route, and there is no guarantee that drugs purchased on the Internet will be safe or legitimate products.

There have also been numerous reports made by consumers about eMedSaver’s dishonesty about its selling practices. Numerous complains have been received over automatic subscription renewal that is impossible to cancel. Other complaints include never receiving the product ordered and no communication, either online or by phone, to any eMedSaver representatives. If dieters are searching for a safe, reliable choice, this website may be too risky for their tastes.

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  • eMedSaver offers consumers a convenient place to find prescription drugs for cheaper, including weight loss drugs.
  • No prescription is needed to obtain a drug.


  • Consumers must subscribe to their service, which costs $24.97 per month.
  • Numerous reports state that it is difficult to speak with any eMedSaver representatives concerning issues with the site.
  • Safety is not guaranteed when ordering from the site.


eMedSaver offers a convenient, quick area to obtain information about drugs and the cheapest places to purchase it online, and for those who need drugs for less, this may suit their needs. There are numerous issues with eMedSaver however, and customer satisfaction is not alawys guaranteed with these types of sites.

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