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Emergency Workout is a video exercise program created by Minna Lessig, a former Ms. Fitness USA champion and fitness expert. Emergency Workout is catered towards dieters who want to get in shape fast before a big event, and Lessig claims dieters can do just that with a combination of strength, aerobic, and muscle specific workouts, separated into two 30 minute workouts. According to Lessig, a newer, leaner physique can be gained in as little as six weeks, making this an ideal workout program for those who want to get into shape fast before a big event or holiday.

Emergency Workout is currently available in some stores and online for $16.25, and the entire two workout program is included in either VHS or DVD format. Testimonials offered on various websites seem to support Lessig’s claims, and many recommend her workout program for those who want an easy to learn workout program with less effort.

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Product Features

Emergency Workout is split into two segments, aerobics and weight lifting. In her aerobics section, Lessig combines dance moves such as salsa, mambo, and other popular dance movements as a low impact form of exercise. Lessig demonstrates each move in advance. She claims that these moves help raise the heart rate and provide a fun but challenging form of exercise, impacting all of the muscle groups. In her weight lifting segment, Lessig incorporates similar dumbbell movements with strength exercises, which may be more challenging for dieters. Curls, lunges, challenging leg extension moves and balancing segments are all combined in this portion of Emergency Workout, which heavily impact all muscle groups and may be difficult to finish, according to several testimonials.

Both workouts combine a helping of aerobic and strength exercises, and according to several organizations, combining the two is key for cutting fat and keeping in optimal shape. It is unclear if these results will truly show after six weeks, but customers seem to enjoy its format nevertheless. This will not replace an unhealthy diet, however, and dieters should not depend on it alone to help them lose weight.

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  • Offers a variety of exercises that incorporate aerobic activity and weight lifting.
  • Is an affordable workout available in both VHS and DVD formats.


  • The weight lifting exercises may be too hard for some individuals.
  • Does not provide sufficient evidence about if it can dramatically tone the body in six weeks.
  • Only claims to get people into shape and not to help them lose weight.


Emergency Workout offers two forms of low impact and high impact exercises for dieters to utilize, and it claims it can dramatically tone the body in six weeks if these techniques are used. Although there is no evidence provided about why it provides these benefits, many customers have stated it is an easy and fun way to get into shape.

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