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eMonster is a prohormone supplement by Galaxy Supplements. The prohormone is a combination of multiple prohormones typically sold as standalone supplements. Combining prohormones may increase the risk of side effects. In addition to prohormones, the formula contains ingredients to regulate testosterone and protect the liver from damage. Prohormones are methylated. Methylated ingredients affect liver function over time. In most cases, prohormones are followed by post cycle therapy (PCT) to prevent long-term liver damage.

List of Ingredients

Sdrol, Cynostane, Max LMG, Halodrol, Milk Thistle and Tribulus.

Product Features

Tribulus is included in eMonster to regulate testosterone. Prohormones can throw off estrogen and testosterone balance. Tribulus is commonly sold as a testosterone builder, but there is not a wide following as the ingredient is not clinical proven to boost testosterone. Tribulus is associated with increased libido.

Milk Thistle is the liver protectant in eMonster. This ingredient is one of the oldest liver therapies in alternative medicine. Nearly every PCT contains Milk Thistle though some supplement companies include Milk Thistle in the prohormone supplement to actively protect against liver damage. Just because eMonster contains Milk Thistle does not mean the bodybuilder can skip PCT.

Max LMG is included to reduce estrogen. This means the prohormone ingredients in eMonster will alter estrogen levels. The ingredient is also sold as a standalone supplement to reduce estrogen effects.

The remaining ingredients are prohormones. These ingredients will increase lean muscle and cause hardening of the muscles. In most cases, prohormones will also increase strength. The trouble with prohormones, however, is the fact that these ingredients do not cause a lasting effect. After the bodybuilder stops taking the prohormone, muscle mass is lost and strength fades away. Most bodybuilders are happy keeping just a small fraction of the gains.

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  • eMonster is available for sale on various websites.
  • All ingredients are listed in the product description.
  • The formula includes Milk Thistle to protect liver function.
  • Max LMG will reduce the estrogen-based side effects.


  • Not suitable for long-term use.
  • May affect liver function.
  • Not likely to create lasting effects.
  • May cause estrogen and testosterone imbalance.
  • Requires PCT after finishing the round of prohormone supplementation.


Prohormones are popular in some bodybuilding circles and unpopular in others. Some bodybuilders are willing to take a chance on liver damage to build muscle mass and strength, no matter how temporary the gains. It is important to understand the effects of prohormones on the body and the potential risks to the liver. Following eMonster with post cycle therapy is crucial and should not be skipped despite the supplement containing Milk Thistle extract. Dieters should not take prohormones to lose weight as they do not increase metabolism.

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    hi, i am type 2 diabetes. Can i take emonster????? I have spoken with my doctor and he didnt give me a definite answer, Prior a few months ago i was on m-stane and ep stane.
    Thanking you in adfvance.