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There are so many contemporary approaches to weight loss at this point. In other words, most approaches have been tapped and marketed. Overall, this may better ensure that men and women find the right diet product, program or system they need in order to be successful. One of the many products out there is Emotional Eating Secrets.

There are three primary weight loss steps mentioned on the Emotional Eating Secrets website. These are as follows; Understand Your Personal Food Logic, Move Beyond Overeating and Dieting, and Enjoy Your Food and Your Life. Although food is life to some degree, you cannot allow it to control your life, and how you live. With the Emotional Eating Secrets program, users are supposed to be able to gain control over their eating habits, and avoid foods when they are not actually hungry (just stressed out).

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Emotional Eating Secrets is a program or system for weight loss that was founded by a husband and wife team (Glenn and Sharon Livingston). Both are doctors. While Glenn specializes in clinical psychology, Sharon has a degree in humanistic psychology. This weight loss or weight maintenance system was created to assist both women and men with shedding unwanted fat, and getting better control of their eating habits. This program educates users on emotional eating, and how people are affected by advertisements for foods. According to the Livingstons, any foods you consume against better judgment is simply emotional eating. According to the primary website for Emotional Eating Secrets, Sharon has done research work for companies like Atkins, Nabisco, Weight Watchers, Kraft, and South Beach, while Glenn has consulted major corporations like Nabisco, and Lipton. The Emotional Eating Secrets Power Pack Kit is available for purchase through the official website for $49.95. However, it is sold with a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee.

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  • The Emotional Eating Secrets program may help some people consume less junk food.
  • There is a 90-day money-back guarantee offered with the Power Pack Kit.


  • There are no convenient supplement formulas sold with this kit.
  • The official website is tad drawn-out, which may deter some dieters.
  • There is no clinical data provided to support this program.
  • Some dieters may prefer an actual supplement that burns fat or suppresses hunger.


When choosing a diet program or weight loss product, a lot has to do with your goals. As for the Emotional Eating Secrets DVDs, these are primarily to assist men and women with getting better control over their poor eating habits, which are linked to stress and impulse cravings. While this program may be able to assist some users psychologically with this problem, some dieters will not appreciate the fact that no supplements or workout regimens are incorporated into this kit.

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