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Featured on TV and in numerous magazine publications, the EMS Fitness Belt is a abdominal belt that claims to tone the abs by contracting it with an electronic pulse, which is emanated through the electronic contraption attached to the belt. By enabling the pulses to be placed on the abdomen, it is claimed the muscles will contract and imitate a sort of non-voluntary workout on the abdominals. The EMS Fitness Belt is adjustable to accommodate all waist sizes, is lightweight, and also comes with a built in timer for timing the exercises performed.

Reviews of the EMS Fitness Belt are mixed, and some claim it did work whereas others said it was faulty and broke easily. Despite these complaints, however, the EMS Fitness Belt remains a popular abdominal belt, considered the cheapest of its kind. The EMS Fitness Belt can be bought on its official website or other Internet retailers for $8.99, nearly a fraction of the cost of other expensive abdominal belts. There are no other discounts or information included beyond this point, however.

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Product Features

The EMS Fitness Belt claims to provide an effortless workout to the abdominals by stimulating the underlying muscle tissue with sonic waves, which are pulsated from the electronic device attached to the belt. Currently there are no conclusive studies proving this may provide a legitimate workout, and the claims made by the fitness belt manufacturer are currently unsubstantiated with no evidence provided. Consumers who want to understand how the EMS Fitness Belt may work should consult testimonial reviews instead. Most state they did feel muscle contraction and noticed some abdominal improvements. A reoccurring issue with the product is a defect in the belt, and many state it breaks down within two or more uses. Most seem satisfied with the product but do not like the cheap design.

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  • Consumers only need to slip on the device.
  • No exercises are necessary.
  • Is one of the cheapest abdominal belts available.


  • Is said to be fault and breaks down often.
  • Does not help consumers lose weight.
  • It only claims to tone the abdomen.
  • Consumers state having trouble returning the product, and no money back guarantees are offered.


The EMS Fitness Belt is a very affordable fitness belt that claims to shape and firm the abdomen, and according to testimonial support, it may do just that. There are numerous issues with its design and may break down after few uses, which is a main complaint issued by consumers. This will not replace exercise and a healthy diet either, and consumers will need to be on a diet if they wish to decrease their weight.

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