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Endermologie, also known as Lipomassage, is a completely different approach to creating a slimmer body contour. Instead of the traditional forms of weight loss, such as diet and exercise, or the more extreme measures that are found in surgical procedures, Lipomassage offers the appearance of a leaner form by massaging out the cellulite. The procedure is conducted using a device with rollers that is used across the surface of the skin to tighten, firm, and create a slimmer effect overall. Endermologie is said to work on areas that diet, exercise and surgical procedures don’t treat particularly effectively. The company website promises that Endermologie will provide “faster and more targeted results.”

This product is endorsed on the company website by Gunnar Peterson, a celebrity trainer. The company website is promising that an interview with Peterson will be published there soon. Unfortunately, aside from this celebrity endorsement, we were unable to find customer testimonials to back up the claims of the company. There is a clinical study cited on the product website that discusses how the Endermologie technology works but the study listed does not provide details as to the number of patients involved or the individual results that were seen.

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The tools used to perform Endermologie vary slightly based on the area of the body that will be worked on. The machines supposedly uses a combination of the rolling device and regulated suction to stimulate blood flow to the area and reactivate the body’s fat cell metabolism so that the body can eliminate the fat quicker and more effectively. This allows the body to get rid of unwanted cellulite and reduce inches, according to the product website.

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The product website does not give any sort of pricing for the Endermologie treatments but it does recommend a minimum of six sessions to achieve desired results. Other websites that talk about this technology also emphasize the fact that Lipomassage is a temporary solution to cellulite and that the treatment protocol will need to be repeated periodically to maintain results. This tells us that at the very least the Endermologie technology will be an expensive proposition for those interested in losing inches and diminishing the appearance of cellulite. We are also very skeptical of a program that promises quick and effective results without emphasizing the need to incorporate diet and exercise into the regimen.

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  • The Endermologie website does provide information about the Lipomassage technology.


  • There were no customer testimonials to back up the claims of this treatment.
  • Clinical evidence to support the technology is sketchy at best.
  • We were unable to find pricing for the treatments.
  • Multiple treatments are recommended to achieve desired results.


Most dieters would love to find a treatment that would allow them to lose inches without invasive procedures or the need for a strict diet and exercise regimen. However, we believe that it is essential to approach weight loss using a multifold system that includes a low-calorie diet, a daily exercise program, and supplementation to aid the process. Fads like Endermologie usually cost a lot but provide few results in the long run.

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