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Endless Pools are a product designed for exercise in the water that is more convenient than having a large swimming pool built in your garden or inside your home. It can make use of limited space and is also suitable for use indoors, which makes this a convenient fitness method for those who want to increase their cardiovascular exercise or to improve their swimming in general.

Endless Pools are also known as a treadmill for swimmers due to the fact that they mimic the design but use water instead. With a treadmill you can run on the spot but get the effect of running across a long distance, and the Endless Pool utilizes this same feature. This means that your swimming pace can be controlled, and you can benefit from full exercise in a limited space.

The Endless Pool works by creating a current in the water that you swim against to give the feeling of swimming a longer distance. It also allows you to swim continuously without ever having to reach the end of the pool, turn and push off again.

The Endless Pool is very versatile since it can be used for exercise as well as for fun. The current can also be adjusted according to fitness level, meaning it is useful for beginners and even swimming competitors. However, swimming against the current may not be a pleasant sensation for everyone.


The Endless Pool.

Product Features

An endless pool is usually a small size of around 2.4 by 4.6 meters with a depth of 1 meter, but this is fully customizable according to individual needs. Due to the size these pools are frequently installed indoors or in small spaces outdoors. For indoor use the pools use a filter system to avoid the common odor of swimming pools, as well as including a cover that prevents the humidity of the pool from damaging the rest of the home.

Endless pools can be installed into existing pools, or they can even be installed into homes that have already been constructed due to the fact that the disassembled pool is small enough to fit through most doorways. This also means that the pool can be relocated. The pool is then simply filled using a hose.

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  • Swimming has long been known to be one of the most complete workouts available.
  • Endless Pools can also be used for play.


  • Endless pools aren’t cheap. The name brand Endless Pool will cost over $25,000 to purchase and install.
  • Endless Pools are only an option if you own your own home.
  • If installed indoors, you will have to be careful of mold and water damage to the surrounding area.


The Endless Pool is one of the best workout products on the market because you work out your entire body at once. An advantage to the Endless Pool is it’s a lot more fun than running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike. The problem with these products is that they are extremely expensive and will require routine maintenance. If you own your own home and have a large unused area for it, an Endless Pool might be a great idea. However, the Endless Pool is not a product aimed at weight loss.

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6 User Reviews about Endless Pool

  • 1
    don thomas

    We have a “water well” by endless pools, and it is great. Our total cost was about 20,000 and that includes improvements to the garage that created a year round room for exercise. love it!!!


  • 2
    Eng. Reza Ahmadian

    How the water current machine Works in endless pool ?


  • 3
    Dan Harshbarger

    Endless Pools does not sell a 4 foot by 8 foot pool. I think you are confusing it with another brand


  • 4

    Anyone have an Endless Pool installed within the past couple of years.


  • 5

    Our Family got a 4′ x 8′ endless pool 2 years ago, and we’re very happy when its works, but must and the majority of times the pool breaks down, so we are left w/o a pool for months. btw they have service tech’s out there which they ripe you off, and takes forever for them to service it, be careful with them.


  • 6

    is there any endless pool producer in italy or france?