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Endorphix is unlike most bodybuilding supplements. Instead of promoting muscle gains or burning fat for during the cutting phase, this supplement aims to reduce the pain felt by the body. By increasing the body’s natural endorphin levels, Endorphix claims the bodybuilder will be able to workout longer and lift more. The body has a natural level of pain as protection against harm. When that natural set pain level is altered, the bodybuilder could harm themselves during lifting.

List of Ingredients

ENDORPHIGENIX Endorphin Stimulating Matrix740mg*DLPA (DL-Phenylalanine), LPA (L-Phenylalanine), PEA (Phenylethylamine), Cordyceps Sinesis (Standardized For 7% Cordyceptic Acid), Bacopa Monnieri (Standardized For A Minimum Of 20% Bacopasides A&B), N,n-Dimethyltyramine, 4-Hydroxy-Phenethylamine.

NOOTROPAPLEX Neuromuscular Optimization Complex455mg*5-Oxoproline Isomer, N,n-Dimethyl-2-Aminoethanol (DMAE), N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Cytidinediphosphocholine (CDP-Choline), Ginkgo Bilboa 24/6 (Ginkgo Extract Standardized For 24% Flavonoids, 6% Terpene Lactones, 5% Ginkolides (A,B & C), Bilbolides, 2.4%), AlphaSize (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline), Gamma-Aminobuyric Acid (GABA), Huperzia Serrata 1% (Huperzine-A).

TRIXANTHIMINE Psychomotor Ignition Primer178.5mg*1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, Thiamine Di(2-Methylpropionate) Disulfide, 3,7-Dihydro-3,7-Dimethyl-1H-Purine-2,6-Dione (Theobroma Cacoa), Salix Alba Extract (White Willow Extract Standardized For 15% Salicin), 4′,5,7-Trihydroxyflavanone-7-Rhamnoglucoside (Naringin Extract), Methyl Vanillyl Nonenamide (Capsicum Annuum-40,000 HU).

Product Features

The ingredient list is extremely long, but we can focus on the main elements of the Endorphix supplement. The first set of ingredients is mood boosters. These may be slightly effective in boosting mood and keeping the bodybuilder interested in the workout, but this will not increase endorphins.

The second set contains natural ingredients that help to focus the mind. All are common ingredients, but again these ingredients will not boost endorphins or relieve pain in any way.

The final set of ingredients may be the most interesting. Thrown in there are stimulants and natural aspirin. Over the counter migraine medications often include aspirin and caffeine to boost pain relief, this complex may work in the same way.

Reviews of the Endorphix supplement claim increased energy and focus during the workout, but no users found the supplement decreased pain. The main aim of the supplement is to reduce pain – the bodybuilder can find a stimulating or focus based supplement anywhere.

The supplement sells on Bodybuilding.com for $49.99. We could not find an official website for the product. Users claim the stimulating effects last a long time and may affect sleep.

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  • Increased focus and energy.


  • No decrease in pain.
  • Users claim the supplement caused too much energy before bed even when taken seven hours before bed.


Endorphix does not live up to the promises of decreased pain. Bodybuilders seem to like the smooth stimulating effect, but in the gym most want a strong stimulant to push them on to greater gains. This is not the product for that purpose. The increased focus was also appreciated, but again that is not the aim of the supplement.

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