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Endurox Excel is a dietary supplement intended for use with a regular exercise program, claiming to increase the metabolic rate and fat burning processes with its unique blend of Ciwujia and Vitamin E. Endurox says this blend of ingredients is a safe and effective way to ward off fatigue and boost energy levels during heavy exercise, and has been successfully used in China for thousands of years. The blend is also said to cut down on lactic acid in the extremities, which builds up during exercise and causes muscle soreness.

Endurox is currently sold online or in supplement stores for fairly cheap; one bottle sells for $15.99, which also comes with an unlimited 100% money back guarantee. No samples are offered, but additional discounts may be offered on other sites. Furthermore, Endurox recommends using their other supplements in conjunction with their dietary supplement. Endurox Excel only claims to target issues surrounding fitness and exercise, however, so dieters will need to participate in a fitness program for this supplement to have any relevance to their diet.


Vitamin E, Ciwujia Extract. According to the manufacturer, these are the only ingredients included in their formula.

Product Features

Endurox Excel features only two ingredients in its formulation, Vitamin E and Ciwujia Extract. Ciwujia Extract is actually a very popular ingredient, and is the alternative name for Siberian Ginseng, a native Chinese root. Siberian Ginseng has many proven abilities, which include increased mental and physical performance. According to one study, long term use of Siberian Ginseng resulted in a significant increase in memory retention and concentration, and another similar study also revealed it helped reduce fatigue. Studies looking into its more physical properties, such as increasing muscle strength, and inconclusive, but some studies do show some improvement in this area. As for Vitamin E, it is not clear why it was included or what impact it will have on physical performance. Endurox Excel may contain one important ingredient which may increase mental stimulation, however.

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  • Studies show Ciwujia Extract may increase mental alertness and stimulation.
  • Is very affordable and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.


  • Endurox Excel only contains two ingredients, and one may only provide some dietary benefits.
  • Does not contain many thermogenic properties, such as suppressing appetite.
  • It is not clear why Vitamin E was added to the formula.


Endurox Excel utilizes Ciwujia Extract as a means of increasing mental and physical performance, and some studies have revealed it may contain some of these properties. Increasing one’s mental alertness may not offer the type of support some dieters want in a diet supplement, and supplements with thermogenic properties may be more suitable in some situations.

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