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Energy First Fat Complex is a diet supplement fortified with Chitosan and Psyllium, intended for use as part of a healthy diet. Energy First claims the mixture of Chitosan and Psyllium prevents the absorption of fats while delivering optimum fiber nutrition, regulating digestion and promoting weight loss. This mixture is also all natural, and says it does not use any preservatives, fat oils, or any sweeteners. Essentially, this supplement claims to be a fat blocker with a few added ingredients.

For those interested in Energy First Fat Complex, it is commonly found on Energy First’s website for $12.99 per bottle, with additional discounts added if bought in bulk. More information about how it works may be located on its website as well, along with store locations of this product in the United States. No samples or trials were available at the time of this review.


According to Energy First, Energy First Fat Complex contains Chitosan, Psyllium Husks, Gelatin, and Magnesium Silicate. Chitosan is their main ingredient, and 1050mg is used in their product.

Product Features

Chitosan, their main ingredient, is claimed to prevent fat absorption, cut cholesterol levels, and help lower weight. Science does not back up these claims, however. According to several studies, Chitosan was only able to remove 10 calories per day from fat substances. It does not contain any proven dietary benefits, and this may be the only benefit. 10 calories is very negligible compared to other proven fat attractors, such as Green Tea, which has the ability to eliminate more than 200 calories per day, and even using Chitosan in high doses won’t raise this effect. Therefore Chitosan may not be a very effective ingredient, and may be dangerous to those who have seafood allergies, due to where it is extracted from, the shells of crustaceans.

Its other ingredient, Psyllium, may contain more benefits than Chitosan. Psyllium is commonly recognized as a main ingredient in stool softeners and fiber products such as Metamucil, and Psyllium may help ward off hunger due to how its absorbs water in the body. It also may promote a mild laxative effect. Psyllium is commonly used to regulate the digestive system in lower doses. It appears Psyllium is used in lower doses, approximately 150mg.

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  • Contains Psyllium, which may help regulate the digestive system.
  • Is naturally derived as no synthetic ingredients are used in its product.


  • Its main ingredient, Chitosan, has very little documented benefits for dieters.
  • Only claims to absorb fats and provide fiber to the body and no other thermogenic benefits were noted.
  • Is difficult to buy in stores, so dieters will need to purchase it online.


Energy First Fat Complex is one of the simplest formulas available to consumers, but simpler is not always a better solution. Chitosan is recognized as having little to no benefits, but its secondary ingredient, Psyllium, may promote a healthy digestion system. Otherwise there does not appear to be any documented benefits, and it may not provide the type of thermogenic support needed to continue a healthy diet.

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