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Energy pills are stuffed full of stimulants to increase heart rate and increase energy. They work, there is no doubt about that, but the effects of short and long-term use can be negative. Health issues related to the use of energy pills include increase blood pressure, heart problems, and death. Ephedra was once the number one ingredient in energy pills. The FDA banned Ephedra due to health risks and use in the production of illegal drugs. Now, synephrine, caffeine, and Guarana are the top three stimulant ingredients used in energy pills.

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Stimulant ingredients used to increase heart rate.

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According to IMS, a research unit, the use of stimulants by Americans alone has tripled since 1998. Stimulants are used for a variety of reasons. Moms use them to make it through the early mornings, never ending to-do lists and constant trips here and there for the sake of their children. Working moms fight off fatigue by popping a few energy pills every morning and again later in the afternoon. Energy pills come in two varieties – prescription and non-prescription – and both have potential harmful side effects.

Prescription energy pills are typically prescribed for use with fatigue causing illnesses or adult ADD. These drugs are illegal for use outside of the prescribed use, but that does not stop millions of people from obtaining illegal supplies to use as energy pills and weight loss pills.

Non-prescription energy pills are available over the counter and typically include caffeine, synephrine and Guarana. These are commonly marketed as weight loss supplements and dieters (and non-dieters) alike believe the supplements to be safe because they are available in every retail store and gas station in America. The truth is long-term use of caffeine and stimulant-containing supplements can lead to caffeine addiction or caffeine overdose. Energy pills range in price from a few dollars a bottle to more than $80 a bottle. Some have insanely high amounts of caffeine equivalent to four to five cups of coffee per serving.

This does not mean every supplement containing caffeine is harmful. Some supplements use lower doses of caffeine to promote better weight loss effects. Caffeine has been tested and proven to increase weight loss, when taken in moderation.

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  • Energy supplements are widely available.
  • The price is far lower than other weight loss supplements.
  • Caffeine is proven to increase weight loss.


  • Caffeine addiction and caffeine overdose may result.
  • Energy pills can be addictive.
  • Some people turn from over the counter energy pills to prescription drugs for a similar energy high.


Energy pills are a part of our fast-paced society where people have less time to do more. Working moms, working dads, stay at home moms, and stay at home dads all have high levels of stress and more expectation than time. Energy pills seem like a good choice to make it through the day, but few realize the potential health hazards associated with taking high doses of stimulants common in many energy pills.

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