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What You Should Know

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Energy X is a lip balm and gum that supplies caffeine to added energy. The official website is difficult to navigate and there is no ingredient list available for any of the products. There is a FAQs section about the Energy X products, but there are no ingredients revealed in the FAQs section either.

List of Ingredients


  • Energy X Lip Balm – Caffeine
  • Energy X Gum – Caffeine

Product Features

The Energy X Lip Balm is designed to naturally moisturize lips and increase energy. The dieter can use the lip balm multiple times a day without the sharp increase and energy and subsequent crash associated with energy drinks.

The Energy X Gum works in much the same way as the lip balm, but the product description reveals that each serving of the gum includes 55 mg of caffeine. If the dieter were to use the gum several times a day or chew more than the suggested amount, they could suffer negative effects of overstimulation from taking in too much caffeine.

There are no ingredients in either Energy X product proven to increase metabolism. The dieter may feel an increase in energy, but they will not feel less hungry or increase metabolism. Dieters need a product designed for weight loss, not increased energy to get the most out of natural, herbal fat burners.

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  • The Energy X products are simple to use.
  • They cost less than fat burners and other products for weight loss.
  • Small, convenient packaging allows dieters to use the products anywhere.
  • Can be used multiple times a day, as needed.


  • Energy X products are designed for energy, not weight loss.
  • May cause increased energy followed by a crash – gum only.
  • None of the ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • Dieters will not notice increased weight loss or decreased hunger.
  • The products could contain ingredients that cause negative side effects.


The concept behind Energy X lip balm and gum has been done before. This company leaves out the most important aspect of any energy product, the ingredient list. There are some natural stimulants and mood-boosters that are unsafe for use by some dieters. As the product stands, we suggest dieters choose a product with testimonials, clinically tested ingredients and an official ingredient list. Without knowing the full ingredient list, dieters with health problems should steer clear of both Energy X products. Common proven ingredients to look for include green tea, caffeine and chromium.

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